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How was it be­ing on the Syd­ney Sixers team when they won last sea­son’s WBBL?

It was pretty un­real. I’d say it’d be one of the top mo­ments of my ca­reer across all the [dif­fer­ent forms of] cricket I’ve played. I never imag­ined that the WBBL would be as big as it ac­tu­ally was, with the crowds and the number of peo­ple watch­ing on TV.

What do you love about Big Bash cricket?

I guess it’s fi­nally put the women’s game on a world stage in that it’s so sim­i­lar to the men’s [for­mat]. And that party at­mos­phere that they cre­ate as well – they try to sell the product that’s hap­pen­ing off the field rather than on the field, in terms of the at­mos­phere that’s cre­ated.

It’s funny be­cause when we first started play­ing [T20], it was kind of like we [the play­ers] weren’t too sure – it was a bit of a gim­micky game. But it’s also great fun. It can be pretty ruth­less at times, but your good days are really good days. It’s a good sport to get into, rather than long-for­mat [cricket] – as a first intro to the game es­pe­cially.

You’re from New Zealand. Are sim­i­larly good things hap­pen­ing for women’s cricket over there?

Ah, sadly, no. Cricket Aus­tralia is cer­tainly lead­ing the way with what they’re do­ing. If any­thing, we’re prob­a­bly just piggy-back­ing on the back of that. There were, I think, six or seven of us who were in­volved in Aus­tralia’s Big Bash last year and the sea­son be­fore, and ev­ery­one’s champ­ing at the bit to try to get con­tracts each sum­mer. So yeah, it’d be nice to say things like that are hap­pen­ing [in NZ], but it’s not the case. Ob­vi­ously the pop­u­la­tion is a lot smaller, so yeah, [Aus­tralia is] lead­ing the way.

Now for a few quick­fire ques­tions!

How did you get into play­ing cricket?

Pretty much the clas­sic story, with the big brother who played and you get dragged along with them!

Do you have a job out­side of the game?

I’m a sports man­ager at a girls’ school.

Favourite hol­i­day des­ti­na­tion?

The Pa­cific Is­lands – like Raro­tonga. Any­where with a bit of sunshine. It’s prob­a­bly why I like play­ing in Aus­tralia dur­ing sum­mer.

Some­thing most peo­ple don’t know about you?

My mum and dad are only chil­dren, so I have no un­cles or aun­ties. I just tend to adopt peo­ple as cousins!

Lastly, what are you scared of?

I’d never bungee jump. I don’t know if you could say I’m scared of it, but if you made me do it I would be!

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