Well­ness seek­ers froth over ke­fir and kom­bucha, but turns out you can have too much of a good thing. Nutri­tion­ist Stephanie Wearne, founder of Body Good Food, re­veals how much of your gut-health faves to aim for daily.

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“Start with 30ml a day – like a shot glass – then slowly build your way up un­til you feel like you’re not get­ting any un­pleas­ant side ef­fects. At that point, you could have up to half or one cup per day. A good tip? Drink kom­bucha 20–30 min­utes be­fore a meal. It’ll stim­u­late your stom­ach acid, which helps you to digest food.”


“Start small. Bac­te­ria in our stom­ach feeds off the sugar in fer­mented foods, but if you’re also hav­ing a lot of pro­cessed food and sug­ars, it’ll feed off that, too. That pro­duces more and more gas. (Hey, bloat­ing and stom­ach pain.) Start with just a small tea­spoon of kim­chi – or other fer­mented veg – and build your way up. When you’re con­stantly en­joy­ing a whole food, fi­bre-rich diet, then you can prob­a­bly en­joy one or two ta­ble­spoons with two meals per day.” Done!


“This isn’t fer­mented like the oth­ers; it’s more for heal­ing the gut. I gen­er­ally rec­om­mend one cup per day, but if you then want to add it into recipes like cur­ries or stir fries, there’s no harm in do­ing that as well.”


“You know the drill: start small. You might be­gin by adding a cou­ple of ta­ble­spoons to your muesli, gra­nola or por­ridge, and then even­tu­ally bring it up to half a cup a day.”

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