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That was the most pop­u­lar body goal, with 86 per cent of Aussie read­ers mark­ing it as a top want. But many folks ticked “tone up” as an­other goal, sep­a­rate from strength. Jonathan Cane, ex­er­cise phys­i­ol­o­gist, de­codes the dif­fer­ence: “Peo­ple think of tone as the aes­thetic as­pect and strength as the process. If they fo­cus on ton­ing, they’re ze­ro­ing in on the vis­ual out­come. Choos­ing to ‘get strong’ in­stead of ‘tone up’ can bet­ter help you reach mile­stones, as strength is more quan­tifi­able. Still, if you’re aim­ing for both, fo­cus on the S word and the rest will come.” (You can’t be toned without be­ing strong. Truth.)

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