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Writer Rose Surnow on her quest for love in span­dex

“Be­ing sin­gle for a year, I’ve tried it all: the apps, the bars, the vi­bra­tor-plus-ice­cream nights. Noth­ing has led me to a guy who shares my val­ues: look­ing hot as hell.

JK. A guy who is mo­ti­vated and cares about his health. It was time to turn to fit­ness. The prob­lem? My go-to (and, TBH, only) ex­er­cise is yoga – not ex­actly dude cen­tral. So I de­cided to mix things way up.

“I started with box­ing. The room was full of cute bros, but it did not mat­ter. Within min­utes, I was drenched in sweat and gasp­ing for breath. Every­body bolted as soon as the class ended. No min­gling, no flirt­ing. Prob­a­bly a good thing, given my mas­cara-tat­ted cheek. Next up was capoeira. To my sur­prise, it was a to­tal fe­male fi­esta! I stuck it out through the en­tire mar­tialarts class any­way.

“My last ef­fort: rock climb­ing. I walked into a climb­ing gym ex­pect­ing the worst. But cue the Juras­sic Park theme song, be­cause I found the Shangri-la of hot men. They were ev­ery­where ... scal­ing walls and fix­ing man-buns.

I went straight for boul­der­ing, which re­quires no rope or part­ner (the walls are lower). The free­dom cre­ates lots of op­por­tu­ni­ties to so­cialise. When your palms burn, you chill, which is how I met Chad. Af­ter some small talk, we went for beers. He seemed like a catch: sweet, loved his job, owned a dog and had Zac Efron’s abs. I soon learnt, how­ever, that we had noth­ing in com­mon. (He also had se­ri­ous fam­ily dra­mas and very un­healthy cop­ing habits.)

“I never saw Chad again. But I did join the climb­ing gym for a month, be­cause I liked the work­out and its hot­tie po­ten­tial. I met a lot of guys there but never re­ally con­nected with any­one. I later re­alised I wouldn’t snag my prince there. Turns out, it’s hard to find love when you are try­ing to be some­one you’re not. If the pas­sions you al­ready have lead you to new ones (par­tic­u­larly of the six-pack va­ri­ety), hal­lelu­jah! But if not, well ... there’s no rea­son to break up with yoga.”

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