How do as­tro­nauts on board the In­ter­na­tional Space Sta­tion get wa­ter?

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It might sound re­pul­sive, re­pul­sive but it’s nec­es­sary: trans­port­ing ma­te­ri­als to space is so ex­pen­sive that as­tro­nauts on board the ISS must drink their own bod­ily flu­ids. The wa­ter is pu­ri­fied be­fore it’s con­sumed: on-board sys­tems collect ev­ery last drop of mois­ture from the as­tro­nauts’ breath, sweat and urine be­fore us­ing io­dine to dis­in­fect the wa­ter. For emer­gen­cies, 2,500 litres of wa­ter is kept in re­serve on the sta­tion.

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