Is the hu­man body made of wa­ter?

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Be­tween 60% and 70% of an adult hu­man body is wa­ter, de­pend­ing on the in­di­vid­ual. But spe­cific or­gans vary – the heart and brain are roughly 73% wa­ter while the lungs clock in at a stag­ger­ing 83%. Even our bones, which seem so solid, are 31% wa­ter. The el­e­ment en­ables our body to trans­port the ma­te­ri­als we need to live, such as vi­tal pro­teins and nu­tri­ents, through­out the body as well as car­ry­ing waste prod­ucts out of our sys­tems. Fun fact: a hu­man foe­tus is 95% wa­ter for the first few months of its ex­is­tence.

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