Does a wag­ging tail in­di­cate a dog is happy?

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Not nec­es­sar­ily, ac­cord­ing to the pooch-lov­ing boffins be­hind Tailtalk, a sen­sor that sits on Fido’s tail to track his daily ups and downs. The emo­tional data is trans­mit­ted to an app on your smart­phone, al­low­ing you to learn what makes your hound happy, and what causes him stress. Ex­perts claim tail-wag­ging sig­nals be­havioural nu­ances that dogs un­der­stand but hu­mans do not al­ways recog­nise. Left wag­ging usu­ally in­di­cates neg­a­tive feel­ings like anger or ag­gres­sion, while right wag­ging typ­i­cally demon­strates that your pooch is ex­cited.

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