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A sneeze can travel at 160km/h – equiv­a­lent to a hur­ri­cane-force wind. This en­ergy is needed to eject what­ever for­eign par­ti­cles are caus­ing the nose ir­ri­ta­tion – com­monly dust and al­ler­gens like pollen or an­i­mal dan­der. If the num­ber of par­ti­cles is too large, then we may need to sneeze sev­eral times. That’s be­cause when the sneez­ing re­flex is trig­gered, the vol­ume of air in the lungs and phar­ynx is com­pressed and the pres­sure re­quired to ex­pel them in one sneeze would be too high. You should avoid hold­ing your nose when sneez­ing, as the pent-up pres­sure can es­cape into the mid­dle ear and cause dam­age.

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