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Is the pub­lic per­sona of Er­do­gan just an act by a psy­chopath? Psy­chol­o­gist Robert D. Hare’s test shows sev­eral con­vinc­ing pat­terns. For ex­am­ple, Er­do­gan’s ma­nip­u­la­tive be­hav­iour: to date, it’s de­bat­able whether he re­ceived an eco­nom­ics de­gree or not. His diploma seems forged be­cause a dean only signed it when Er­do­gan gave him the job. And you must have a de­gree to be pres­i­dent of Turkey.

The failed coup against Er­do­gan on 15th July, in which hun­dreds were killed or in­jured, only seems to have fur­ther ce­mented his power. It was an ex­cuse to flex his au­thor­i­tar­ian mus­cles and brought his psychopathic ten­den­cies to the fore. “The at­tempt has doubtlessly been used as a pre­text for Er­do­gan to do what­ever he in­tended to do in any case – push­ing for one-man rule by a to­tal cleans­ing of all op­po­si­tion,” says jour­nal­ist Yavuz Bay­dar.

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