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A Grade

Muzza’s Main­te­nance 8 def MWSC 3: Muzza’s Main­te­nance- M Heather 3, J Bas­sett 2, N Bas­sett 1. MWSC- J Wright 2, F Ben­nett 1, F Hei­dari 1.

Rotary 10 def Elders 1: Rotary- A Gower 2, J Lee 3, J Cox 3. Elders- B Tun, J Braden, D Ben­nett 1.

God­fa­thers 9 def Club Mul­wala 2: God­fa­thers- J Partelle 3, R Gar­rett 1, J Porter 3. Club Mul­wala- M James 1, A Jar­ratt, A Lind­ner 1.

A Re­serve

CMCU 9 def God­fa­thers 2: CMCU- B McCully 2, R Hawkins 2, N Cham­bers 3. God­fa­thers- D Her­rod, T Wat­son 2, B Boucher.

Lioness 6 def Elders 5: Lioness- J Bas­sett 3, J James 1, L Bas­sett. Elders- J Lough­nan 2, T Sned­don 2, N Bye 1.

MWSC 8 def Rotary 3: MWSC- J Banks 3, G Cooper 2, A Banks 1. Rotary- L Carmichael 1, R McCarthy 2, J Lind­ner.

B Grade

Pizza Cake 9 def Roy­als 2: Pizza Cake- D Carmichael 2, D Carmichael 2, C Hawkins 3. Roy­als- S McCully 2, S Cox, W Buck.

MWSC 6 def God­fa­thers 5: MWSC- S Banks 2, H Barnes 2, J McCully 1. God­fa­thersR Buck 3, BJ Buck 1, D O’Con­nor.

Club Mul­wala V Uni­corns: Club Mul­walaT Fraw­ley 1, D Her­rod 2, A Gower 1. Uni­corns- T Bas­sett, H Ben­nett 2, J Ben­nett 3, J Her­rod.

B Grade Girls

Celtics v Heat: With Heat win­ning with 26 against 18 points. Makyah Frauen­felder scor­ing most of the points for Heat.

Un­der 10 girls

Heat v Magic: Heat came away with the win with the scor­ers be­ing Char­lotte Woos­man and Laila Pardo. Both girls re­ceived great help from all team­mates with Leni Rams­dale work­ing re­ally hard.

Magic’s Alexia Nagel and Tess Bas­sett both scored with Lily Thompson along with Chalie Cum­mins get­ting good passes down quickly. All girls did their bit for the team.

Ga­tors v Suns

Ga­tors won with Belle Dwyer scor­ing well as her team­mates got the ball of­ten and many re­bounds were made by all. Well Done.

Suns’ Amelia Fraser and Milla Kelly found the bas­ket. Hard work was shown by the whole team but their shots just missed the mark. Well done to all play­ers.

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