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Mul­wala’s ball use has once again been its un­do­ing as they suc­cumbed to a 35-point de­feat to Ba­rooga.

With plenty of the ball dur­ing the first half Mul­wala cre­ated a num­ber of op­por­tu­ni­ties, but as has been the case all year, failure to con­vert on the score­board con­demned the side to 7 goal deficit at half time.

The bulk of Cameron Cloke at full for­ward had proved head aches and whilst Nathan Cook had cer­tainly given a good ac­count of him­self, the 30kg dif­fer­ence in weight had even­tu­ally been too much.

Around the ground, Mul­wala were win­ning plenty of the foot­ball and showed great pres­sure to win the ball back. Sean Johns and Jack­son Gash led the way in the mid­dle and were ev­ery­where.

Harry Cross­ley looked dy­namic and cre­ated headaches at half for­ward whilst the move of Dy­lan Robin­son to the for­ward lines also looked to be work­ing.

The prob­lem for Mul­wala was that they turned the ball over seem­ingly for fun, as they ei­ther bit off too much at half back or sim­ply lost the abil­ity to kick the foot­ball when go­ing for­ward.

When Mul­wala did move the foot­ball well it re­sulted in goals as Ash Froud who kicked a long goal.

Bard Wil­son laid a big tackle soon af­ter and kicked truly to re­store the mar­gin to three goals.

How­ever the mo­men­tum quickly shifted with Ba­rooga fin­ish­ing the quar­ter with 3 unan­swered goals which ba­si­cally ended the con­test.

No one can ques­tion the char­ac­ter of the Mul­wala group as once again they fought bravely in the se­cond half and ac­tu­ally outscored their op­po­nents. With the heat out of the game, Mul­wala showed tremen­dous skill and worked the ball for­ward to have the for­wards ac­tu­ally con­vert.

Tom Dow, Dy­lan McNa­mara and Lachie Davis all came into the game and had key touches whilst Beau Clarke and Nathan McNair were swung into de­fence to com­bat the big Ba­rooga for­wards.

McNair fought ad­mirably against Cloke and if it had not been for a cou­ple of ques­tion­able free kicks he would have taken the choco­lates against the 3rd best Cloke Brother.

Jack­son Gash con­tin­ued to find the foot­ball and is the com­plete pack­age whilst Sean Johns looks like a class above when he uses the ball well.

For Mul­wala the se­cond half was once again some­thing they can re­flect on and should become a stan­dard of what they are ca­pa­ble of.

Mul­wala now have the bye be­fore tak­ing on Fin­ley at home.


Ba­rooga 7.9 51 de­feated by Mul­wala 9.6 60.

Mul­wala have se­cured their best win of the sea­son with a hard fought ten-point vic­tory over Ba­rooga.

In a stir­ring dis­play it was the per­fect mix of old wise heads and the spirit of youth that led to Mul­wala’s win. Jar­rod the Wizz Wil­son was in­cred­i­ble all day and his two open­ing term goals were just the start Mul­wala were look­ing for.

His hard­ness is of course his trade mark but here it was skill to kick a run­ning snap fol­lowed by a set shot from forty.

At the other end of the age range was big Beau Nixon. This emerg­ing full for­ward was ter­rific all day and early on his abil­ity to at­tract the footy stood out with Ba­rooga forced to make a change to match up to the young Bull.

The back­line were giving away height in ev­ery po­si­tion with Wade Den­nis giving away SE­NIOR SCORES Ba­rooga 4.1 Mul­wala 0.4 9.3 2.5 15.5 7.5 17.5 107 11.6 72 Goals: MUL­WALA: Ash­ley Froud 3, Nathan Cook 2, Dy­lan Robin­son 2, Har­ri­son Cross­ley 1, Bradley Wil­son 1, Jack­son Gash 1, Hamish Hosk­ing 1. BA­ROOGA: Ri­ley Gow 4, Cameron Cloke 4, Brock Neal 3, Matthew De­maio 2, Wade De­masi 1, Brent Downie 1, Jake Rus­sell 1, Lach­lan Wright 1.

Best: MUL­WALA: Jack­son Gash, Nathan McNair, Beau Clarke, Joshua Ham­mond, Dy­lan Robin­son, Hamish Hosk­ing. BA­ROOGA: Cameron Cloke, Brodie A’Vard, Cameron San­dral, Lach­lan Brown, Lu­cas Ol­son, Wade De­masi. about 60kg on his op­po­nent as well. This didn’t stop the boys who were well led by Nathan Beasley who marked ev­ery­thing and the fe­ro­cious An­drew Maskell who ran straight and hard as he has done all year. Un­for­tu­nately for Mul­wala, turn overs opened up Ba­rooga’s run and soon they were back in the game.

The arm wres­tle con­tin­ued in the se­cond term, with Jar­rod Wil­son and Beau Nixon adding a goal each but Ba­rooga also find­ing some space at the other end.

Through the mid­field Dy­lan Lead­ing­ham was hav­ing a big in­flu­ence with Dave Nero play­ing a sweep­ing role on the wing.

The bril­liance in the young play­ers was ev­ery­where to see with Ricky Walker a su­per­star at half back with his run and carry, whilst Corey Lind­say tack­led with the strength of ten men. His high mark­ing also stood out as this young­ster has trans­formed him­self into a gun.

Mul­wala’s third quar­ter on­slaught was not only the rea­son they won but should also become a stan­dard for how they per­form mov­ing for­ward.

If Ricky Walker was su­perb in the first half, his third quar­ter was some­thing else as he dom­i­nated the game. Not even 18, his abil­ity to keep his feet in the con­test and use his dam­ag­ing left foot meant that time and again he re­bounded the ball and set up the play.

His hit up of Robert Wil­son early in the quar­ter led to a bril­liant goal as Wil­son turned his op­po­nent in­side out, sprinted along the bound­ary and drilled a left foot ba­nana goal.

Pick­les Phibbs celebrating reach­ing re­tire­ment age kick­ing another and sud­denly Mul­wala had a three goal lead.

With Ba­rooga kick­ing with aid of a handy breeze Mul­wala would en­dure a tense fi­nal quar­ter as Ba­rooga re­duced the mar­gin back to 4 points.

Adam Rouel showed his skill and vi­sion as he sev­eral times, found a way through traf­fic and hit up a lead­ing for­ward.

His craft and agility was per­haps the dif­fer­ence in the fi­nal term as he led his team to the win.

Craig Fraun­felder had been huge all day but went to another level in the last. His abil­ity to pro­tect the drop of the ball in a mark­ing con­test was cru­cial as he helped con­trol the speed of the game.

Char­lie Ma­gro, Jor­dan Cook and James Van­derVliet all had their mo­ments as well but it was the ev­er­green Ash Gove who kicked the sealer as Mul­wala cel­e­brated its best win of the sea­son.

Goals: Mul­wala: Jar­rad Wil­son 3, Den­nis Phibbs 1, Isaac Bond 1, Ash­ley Gove 1, Robert Wil­son 1, Craig Frauen­felder 1, Beau Nixon 1.

Ba­rooga: Wil­liam Foster 2, Zane Good­win 2, Richard Gatcum 1, Mar­cus Fry 1, Cal Brooks 1.

Best: Mul­wala: Jar­rad Wil­son, Rick Walker, Robert Wil­son, Corey Lind­say, Jor­dan Cook, Dy­lan Lead­ing­ham.

Ba­rooga: Ben­jamin Mc­Neill, Richard Gatcum, Hari­son Foster, To­mas San­toro, David Tren­erry, Cal Brooks.


Ba­rooga 13.8 86 de­feated Mul­wala 5.1 31.

The thirds boys went down in a spir­ited dis­play and sim­ply lacked the height to com­pete in the air. The score­board did not do jus­tice to the com­pet­i­tive­ness of the game with Zack Scott and Blayze Young-Mail stand outs.

Goals: Mul­wala: Zach Scott 2, Aaron Magher 1, Sam Davis 1, Reece Nor­man 1.

Ba­rooga: Kristo­pher Bex­tream 4, Corey Percy 2, Peter Fran­cis 1, Coleby Hel­lyer-Maud 1, Jack An­drew 1, Drew Humphries 1, Will Lav­ery 1, Alis­tair Wright 1, Hay­den Brown 1.

Best: Mul­wala: Reece Nor­man, Lach­lan Wood, Kyle Loomes, Aaron Magher, Zach Scott, Flynn Fletcher.

Ba­rooga: Peter Fran­cis, Kristo­pher Bex­tream, Coleby Hel­lyer-Maud, Joel Brown, Alis­tair Wright, Hay­den Brown.


Ba­rooga 11.2 68 de­feated Mul­wala 1.4 10.

With Con­nor Phibbs still away the job was left to too few as Ba­rooga took the choco­lates. Credit to the Ps­lati­ras boys who ran hard all day.

Goals: Mul­wala: D. Kirchen. Ba­rooga: Jae Bow­den 3, Sa­muel Trem­bath 2, Jai Nolan 1, Lach­lan Nolan 1, Cooper Ad­kins 1, Sam Poole 1, Caleb Jezewski 1, Jake Poole 1.

Best: Mul­wala: Ad­di­son Psalti­ras, Daniel Psalti­ras, Dillon Kirchen, Dy­lan Martin, Cameron Le­fevre, Tyler Jones.

Ba­rooga: Jake Poole, Brody Ten­ney, Sam Poole, Ni­cholas Nolan, Caleb Jezewski, Wil­liam Brooks.

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