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Round 12

A Grade

Golf Club 6 def All­sorts 1

J.Bakkum 6t, 96peg, D.Thom­son 3t, P.Skin­ner 7t, J.Walker 2t, D.Parker 1t, A.White 2t, C.Sal­lows 2t, J.Rod­well 3t.

Carefac­tor 4 def Ski Club 3

K.Watts 3t, R.Dixon 3t, P.Bott 72peg, R.Lind­say 12t, 84peg, B.Hughes 5t, S.Chivers 4t.

War­riors 6 def Roy­als 1

D.Leonard 4t, C.Hy­land 4t, Z.Leonard 2t, 77peg, I.Duus 180, D.Lynch 3t, M.Leonard 2t, P.Rok­sandic 3t, 74peg.

A Grade Lad­der af­ter round 12

Golf Club 48/70

Ski Club 36/58

War­riors 28/49

Roy­als 24/38

Carefac­tor 12/29

All­sorts 4/15

B Grade

Many Mobs 5 def 41ers 2

E.Lynch 2t, 96peg, G.Cros­bie 1t, S.Lynch 1t, D.John­son 1t, J.Hel­more 1t, P.Melkovs 77peg. M.Rod­well 2t, 80peg, A.Davis 3t, M.Brown­lie 4t, T.White 1t, C.Dixon 1t, 70peg, J.Denny 1t.

Pel­i­cans 5 def Jag­gers 2

T.Can­ning 1t, R.Can­ning 1t, D.Rust 1t, R.Rust 1t, G.Cooper 1t.

Star Shoot­ers 4 def Side­kicks 3

J.Hud­son 2t, S.Hud­son 3t, N.Pearce 1t, N.Brown 1t, G.Mc­Carthy 1t, H.Gar­ton 2t, L.Gar­ton 1t.

B Grade Lad­der af­ter round 12

Who Cares 44/65

Side­kicks 28/47

Many Mobs 28/42

Pel­i­cans 28/39

Star Shoot­ers 24/46

Miss Hits 16/38

41ers 16/30

Jag­gers 0/22

Mem­bers info.

Cap­tains please re­mem­ber to check all score sheets are filled in cor­rectly be­fore you sign them, en­velopes must have the full name of each player who played a game on the night and monies need to bal­ance.

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