Wrote ‘Are Aus­tralians Racist?’, p69 What year of your life would you time travel back to? I re­ally en­joy the present. I dis­like look­ing back. I re­mem­ber in my fi­nal year of high school, I re­fused to buy a year 12 jumper or a year­book. And I throw away a lot of sen­ti­men­tal ob­jects. What’s a bad movie that you se­cretly love? The Re­write. It’s this aw­ful movie in which Hugh Grant plays a washedup screen­writer, teach­ing a cre­ative writ­ing class in the US. I have a long-term crush on de­spi­ca­ble Hugh Grant char­ac­ters, they make me shake my head and smile. What’s your idea of heaven? For me, heaven is a real place for which all hu­man be­ings feel a kind of home­sick­ness. What Aussie slang do you use? I say “what a dog”, “woulda” and “shoulda” and I mean it. I say “carn” and “g’day mate” when I want to make fun of my­self and my friends.

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