Shot ‘Soft Space’, p100 What pop cul­ture thing did you miss out on? Most of it, re­ally. I’ve never owned a TV. My fa­ther had an ob­ses­sive­com­pul­sive per­son­al­ity. To stop him­self watch­ing TV he used to lock it up in the back shed. My sis­ter, mum and my­self were al­lowed one pro­gram per week. Dad used to lug the TV into the house un­til we were big enough to do it our­selves. I re­mem­ber drop­ping the TV once when I was ten or so. They made TVs heavy in the ’90s – lots of glass. What was the last thing you took a photo of? The tree out­side my stu­dio win­dow. It was lime green and ev­ery­thing else was re­ally grey. What gad­get are you a sucker for? Guitar ped­dles. I have a suit­case full and a few card­board boxes too. Ouch for my bank ac­count. Who would you love to be in a photo with? El­liott Smith. He’s dead, so if it hap­pened, I’d be pretty sur­prised.

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