Rox­ana azar

Pho­tog­ra­pher and na­ture lover, she's hap­pi­est when sur­rounded by plants and a tow­er­ing col­lec­tion of art books.


Can you re­mem­ber the first photo you took that had some­thing? I re­mem­ber get­ting a photo back when I was a kid, it was of a shadow of some plants at dusk. It was one good photo of 36, but af­ter that I think I re­alised I just wanted to take pic­tures for­ever. How do you ma­nip­u­late your im­ages? Lay­er­ing and vari­a­tion – mul­ti­ple it­er­a­tions of an im­age col­laged to­gether with some light dig­i­tal mark­ing. I of­ten bring the neg­a­tive back into the im­age and then paint onto the im­age dig­i­tally with colours I find in Per­sian tex­tiles and il­lus­tra­tions. Tell us about grow­ing up in a house full of or­chids... My home is a huge in­flu­ence in my work. When I was in school I started fo­cus­ing mainly on do­mes­tic spa­ces and light, and then I started fo­cus­ing on house­plants. My room is my stu­dio and I of­ten only use nat­u­ral light. There is some­thing about the way the light shines in a space that’s do­mes­tic and your own. My mother al­most al­ways had fresh-cut flow­ers and or­chids in my child­hood home. Aside from the flow­ers, “home” is also full of Per­sian rugs and other in­tri­cate tex­tiles and ob­jects since my par­ents are Per­sian and that’s the part of their home that they brought with them. These spa­ces and ob­jects greatly in­flu­ence my work, es­pe­cially flower ar­range­ments and the gar­dens I would spend my time in as a kid. Are you su­per­sti­tious? I of­ten find my­self knock­ing on wood or squirm­ing a bit if I break a mir­ror. I’m ac­tu­ally fairly scep­ti­cal, but they’re man­ner­isms I picked up from other folks. What was the last thing you ranted about? Prob­a­bly com­plain­ing about the postal ser­vice here. I am sure I am al­ways do­ing that. If you had three wishes what would you wish for? The abil­ity to slow down time, a sunny home with a green­house and tetra­chro­mat vi­sion.

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