Pu­rity ring

Splen­dourites, pre-baste your­self so you’re de­li­cious and throw your­self into Pu­rity Ring’s silky dream-pop web.


In­ter­pre­tive dance to Pu­rity Ring at your own risk, lest you end up with a face-full of holy wa­ter and a priest smack­ing your fore­head to get the de­mon out. The airy vo­cals of Me­gan James paired with Corin Rod­dick’s sharp pro­duc­tion takes up ten­ancy in your limbs. Songs glim­mer gen­tly then strike out with an elec­tronic ex­plo­sion, and your body fol­lows. It’s witch­craft in the best sense of the word. They’re play­ing Splen­dour this July, so lim­ber up with some hip swirls and soak in this chat with Me­gan James. What are you ex­cited about? Com­ing to Aus­tralia be­cause the cof­fee is so good.

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