Tokyo Cult Recipes

Your belly is about to feel like a Rum­ble Pak on a Nin­tendo 64 con­troller with th­ese Ja­panese recipes by Maori Murota.


Ho­tate Salad

White radish and scal­lop salad


Serves 4 15 mins prepa­ra­tion time 5 -10 mins cook­ing time

10cm white radish (daikon) 1 tsp fine nat­u­ral salt 200g scal­lops 1 tbsp sake 1 tsp soy sauce 4 tbsp may­on­naise juice of ¼ or­ganic lemon 1 chive, finely chopped freshly ground pep­per chive flow­ers – op­tional

Peel the white radish and slice into 2mm rounds, then into very thin match­sticks. Com­bine with the salt in a bowl and leave to mar­i­nate for ten min­utes. Drain, squeez­ing well with your hands. Place the scal­lops on a plate and pour over the sake. Cover with plas­tic wrap and cook in the mi­crowave oven for about three min­utes at 600 watts. Turn the scal­lops over and cook for an­other two min­utes. Check that the scal­lops are cooked through. If you do not have a mi­crowave, steam the scal­lops on a plate (so you don’t lose the juices) for ten min­utes on a medium-high heat. Save the juices (very im­por­tant!) and break the cooked scal­lops into small pieces with your hands. Com­bine the radish, soy sauce, may­on­naise, lemon juice and chives with the scal­lops and their re­served juices. Sea­son with pep­per and ar­range on a plate with a few chive flow­ers, if you have them.

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