Step-by-step: Find­ing a deed me­mo­rial

We show you how to lo­cate a deed me­mo­rial on Fam­i­lySearch

Your Family History - - Looking Online: Ireland's Registry Of Deeds -


1 In this ex­am­ple, we will search for deeds in­volv­ing the Mont­gomery fam­ily of Dun­dres­san town­land, Is­land­magee, Co Antrim, in the early 19th cen­tury. On the Fam­i­lySearch cat­a­logue list­ing, scroll down to the Land In­dex en­try for Coun­ties Antrim and Down 1811–1820, and click on the cam­era icon at the end.


2 A new page is pre­sented show­ing the dig­i­tal mi­cro­film in thumbnail for­mat. The first half of this vol­ume con­cerns County Antrim, with the town­lands ar­ranged in al­pha­bet­i­cal sec­tions. We can scroll down the thumbnail pages to nav­i­gate or click on an in­di­vid­ual im­age and move back and forth be­tween pages.


3 In the sec­tion for town­lands be­gin­ning with ‘D’, search for Dun­dres­san. Note that town­lands are not listed al­pha­bet­i­cally, and may even ap­pear more than once. An en­try is soon found for Dun­dres­san, with sev­eral deeds in­dexed for ‘Mont­gomery to Mc­Neil’ – the first is in­dexed as v653, p158, no. 451752.


4 Record the de­tails and re­turn to the cat­a­logue page. In scrolling down to the list of Deeds mi­cro­films to search for the film car­ry­ing vol­ume 653, it is soon lo­cated as film num­ber 545082, and noted as con­tain­ing both vol­umes 653 and 654 for the pe­riod 1812–1813. Click the cam­era icon.


5 Work through the mi­cro­film to lo­cate page 158, noted at the top of the page, be­ing care­ful to search within the cor­rect vol­ume. Once found, the cor­rect page will show the me­mo­rial num­ber dis­played in the mar­gin be­side the deed. The im­age can nowbe printed or saved to your com­puter.

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