Step-by-step: Find­ing vac­ci­na­tion records

Lo­cate vac­ci­na­tion reg­is­ters, par­ish vestry records, or pi­o­neers’ pa­pers us­ing our ad­vice

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to The Na­tional Ar­chives (TNA) Dis­cov­ery on­line cat­a­logue, at http://dis­cov­ery. na­tion­ Type ‘vac­ci­na­tion’ into the search box, or sim­pl­y­search­for‘small­pox’, which more likely re­turn re­sults vac­ci­na­tions per­formed by par­ish vestries (ie. un­der the Old Poor Law, so be­fore 1834). Al­ter­na­tively, search the rel­e­vant county record of­fice on­line cat­a­logue, if known.



the re­sults ap­pear, look at the drop-down box on the left and choose ei­ther ‘Held by Na­tional Ar­chives’ or ‘Other Ar­chives’. If you click on the first op­tion, you can order doc­u­ments to be viewed at TNA; some may be avail­able as dig­i­tal downloads. Oth­er­wise, click on ‘Other Ar­chives’, then ‘Re­fine’.


3Choosethe par­tic­u­lar archive you want from the drop-down list, then click ‘Re­fine’ again. If you don’t knowwhich archive you want, you will have to trawl through more re­sults. Next, re­fine the re­sults by date or lo­ca­tion.


4Click on the doc­u­ments you are in­ter­ested in. Note down the rel­e­vant ref­er­ence num­ber for when you visit the archive (or ‘print the screen’ to avoid copy­ing er­rors). There­cordlist­ing­may also men­tionif it is re­stricted ac­cess, due to data pro­tec­tion is­sues – this is likely for records less than 100 years old.


5Now click on ‘Held by’ - this takes you to a web page with in­for­ma­tion on the archive’s lo­ca­tion and con­tact de­tails. Click on the archive’s own web­site (if listed) check its cat­a­logue to see if the record you want is re­stricted ac­cess, and make a note of open­ing times.

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