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Tricky trans­la­tions

How do you say “coach” in Ger­man?

In sport, a “coach” is some­one who trains a per­son or team. It is trans­lated as Trainer(in): “Our coach fi­nally re­signed.” — Unser Trainer ist schließlich zurück­ge­treten.

A “coach” also gives pri­vate lessons in a spe­cial sub­ject, for ex­am­ple to help you pass an exam (Pri­vatlehrer(in), Repeti­tor(in), Nach­hil­felehrer(in)):

“My coach pre­pared sam­ple exam ques­tions for me.” — Mein Pri­vatlehrer hat Muster­prü­fungs­fra­gen für mich vor­bere­itet. In Bri­tish English, a “coach” is a lux­ury bus for long jour­neys (Reise­bus, Fern­bus). It is also part of a train (Wa­gen, Wag­gon):

“Trav­el­ling by coach is be­com­ing more and more pop­u­lar.” — Das Reisen mit dem Reise­bus wird im­mer be­liebter. “The first-class coaches are at the front of the train.” — Die Wa­gen der 1. Klasse befinden sich im vorderen Zugteil.

In Amer­i­can English, “coach” refers to the cheap­est seats on a plane or train (Econ­omy-,

Touris­ten­klasse). His­tor­i­cally, a “coach”, or “horse-drawn coach”, was a large car­riage pulled by horses (Kutsche).

How do you say Schal­ter in English?

In elec­tron­ics, a Schal­ter is a small de­vice that starts or stops the flow of elec­tric­ity when it is ac­tu­ated. It is trans­lated as switch or but­ton: Schieben Sie den Schal­ter nach oben, um den Strom einzuschal­ten. — “Flip the switch up to turn the power on.” Note that you “press” or “push” a but­ton and “flick” or “flip” a switch.

A Schal­ter is also a place where you pay for some­thing, ask for in­for­ma­tion or are served, for ex­am­ple in a shop, bank or rail­way sta­tion. Here, we trans­late it as counter, desk, win­dow or point. Which word you use de­pends on the con­text. As a rule of thumb, you use “point” or “desk” when you get in­for­ma­tion only and “counter” or “win­dow” when you ac­tu­ally pur­chase some­thing:

Äl­tere Kun­den kaufen ihre Fahrscheine lieber am Schal­ter. — “Older cus­tomers pre­fer to buy their tick­ets at the ser­vice counter / ticket win­dow.”

Wenn Sie weit­ere Auskün­fte benöti­gen, gehen Sie zum In­for­ma­tion­ss­chal­ter. — “If you need fur­ther in­for­ma­tion, go to the in­for­ma­tion desk.”

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