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No one can say Vi­enna is a sore loser. Af­ter Aus­trian me­dia picked up the Ex­pat In­sider study’s City In­dex rank­ing Vi­enna the sec­ond least friendly city for ex­pats, the “news” spread like wild­fire. The tone of many of the tabloids like Heute and OE24 was dis­mis­sive, à la “we all knew the Vi­en­nese were this way, now here’s some proof.” Some even cel­e­brated it, go­ing from cof­fee house to cof­fee house to ask un­friendly wait­ers what they thought of the results.

The press spokesper­son from In­ter­na­tions, based in Mu­nich, said it rep­re­sented a “wake up call.” She ob­vi­ously knows noth­ing about Vi­enna.

So, ex­pats think the Vi­en­nese are un­friendly? The ma­jor­ity of the 92 In­ter­na­tions mem­bers they asked about Vi­enna do. And, mea­ger sam­ple group or not, they may have a point. It’s pure spec­u­la­tion, but these head­lines may have contributed to Vi­enna’s los­ing the bid to be­come the new home of the Euro­pean Medicines Agency (EMA), or the Euro­pean Bank­ing Au­thor­ity (EBA).

Com­plain­ing about things may be an old Vi­en­nese tra­di­tion, but that needn’t be the way we’re seen world­wide. Vi­enna, let’s change these num­bers! Metropole is here to help ex­pats and sup­port them mak­ing friends. In turn, the Vi­en­nese need to pick some­thing else to be proud of. Your sense of hu­mor, your de­li­cious food, your Gemütlichkeit, there’s plenty to choose from.

It’s not just a mat­ter of pride, it’s for­eign re­la­tions. If you keep “dis­grun­tled” as your prime at­tribute, you can’t be sur­prised if no one wants to join you.

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