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Näch­sten Monat starten wir an dieser Stelle eine neue span­nende Sprachrubrik. Lösen Sie vorher noch unser (nicht ganz ernst gemeintes) Quiz und finden Sie her­aus, was Sie aus „Liv­ing Lan­guage“mitgenom­men haben. Von PE­TRA DANIELL

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Why trans­la­tion soft­ware is just not enough

Over the past two years, we have used this page to take a care­ful look at on­line trans­la­tions. We hoped that, by iden­ti­fy­ing mis­takes and im­prov­ing the English ver­sions, you would see just how tricky the task of trans­la­tion can be — and pick up a few tips about writ­ing in English at the same time. Be­fore we dis­con­tinue this sec­tion and start with an ex­cit­ing new look at lan­guage next month, here’s your chance to test how much you have learned from this page over the past year or so. An­swer our (not al­ways se­ri­ous) ques­tions and check how many of them you get right.

1. What is the Ger­man word for “sloth”? (see Spot­light 8/17)

A. Faultier

B. Murmeltier

C. Tram­peltier

2. If you “pull some­one’s chain”, you... (see Spot­light 10/17)

A. re­pair some­one’s bike.

B. tease a per­son.

C. use some­one’s toi­let.

3. “In the nude” means...

(see Spot­light 11/17)

A. be­ing naked.

B. ly­ing in the bath­tub. C. hav­ing run out of money.

4. If you’re re­ally ir­ri­ta­ble be­cause you’re hun­gry, you’re...

(see Spot­light 12/17)

A. han­noyed.

B. ha­rassed.

C. hangry.

5. “Booze” is... (see Spot­light 1/18)

A. an al­ter­na­tive spell­ing of


B. an in­for­mal word for “al­co­hol”. C. a char­ac­ter cre­ated by Charles


6. As­terix and Obe­lix live in a small vil­lage in... (see Spot­light 2/18)

A. Gaul.

B. Pferd.

C. Esel.

7. “Brew”, “slop”, “sludge” and “swill” are... (see Spot­light 3/18)

A. de­li­cious cock­tails. B. un­healthy soft drinks.

C. nasty liq­uids.

8. To “flip” means... (see Spot­light 3/18) A. to “get changed very quickly”. B. to “be­come re­ally an­gry”.

C. to “do an em­bar­rass­ing dance


9. “GDP” stands for... (see Spot­light 4/18)

A. the fi­nan­cial term “gross

do­mes­tic prod­uct”.

B. the Nin­tendo game “Great

De­mand for Pop­corn”. C. the Net­flix se­ries Griev­ous

Do­mes­tic Prob­lems.

10. The cor­rect English trans­la­tion of Bre­it­maulnashorn is... (see Spot­light 7/18) A. white rhi­noc­eros.

B. black rhi­noc­eros. C. wide-mouthed rhi­noc­eros.

11. If you “trig­ger a po­lice op­er­a­tion”, you... (see Spot­light 9/18)

A. take a po­lice of­fi­cer to hos­pi­tal. B. per­form surgery on a po­lice


C. cause the po­lice to jump into


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