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Now have an­other look at some­thing Trys­tan said:

On Tues­days, we do “air stud­ies”, which is the the­ory of fly­ing.

This has the same mean­ing as:

On Tues­days, we do “air stud­ies”. That’s the the­ory of fly­ing.

Use “which” to give ex­tra in­for­ma­tion or to add a com­ment in a sen­tence. When writ­ing, use a comma be­fore “which” when what fol­lows is not es­sen­tial to un­der­stat­ing the sen­tence.

Ex­er­cise 2 Join each of the pairs of sen­tences be­low with “which”. A. We wear a uni­form. It’s blue and with a beret. B. Last Thurs­day, we did some shoot­ing. It was fun. C. I’ve been up in a Chi­nook. It’s a mil­i­tary he­li­copter. D. I want to work in fi­nance. It’s a good ca­reer.

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