1. That’s not long at all

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El­lie calls her friend Marika to talk about their up­com­ing trip to Ed­in­burgh.

El­lie: Hi, Marika! How’s it go­ing? Marika: Fine, thanks. Funny, I was just go­ing to call you.

El­lie: Ah, great minds and all

that. Lis­ten! I’m just about to book my train ticket, and I wanted to check that the time is OK for you. You haven’t booked yet, have you?

Marika: No, not yet. How much is it go­ing to be? El­lie: With our rail­cards, it’ll be £196.60 for the two of us. Marika: That’s not too bad. So, what time does the train leave?

El­lie: Hang on a minute... Ah, here it is. We leave from Eus­ton at 17.40, and we ar­rive in Ed­in­burgh Waver­ley at 22.19. Marika: Per­fect! That’s not long at all, is it?

El­lie: Nope. Four hours and 39 min­utes.

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