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Many of you have prob­a­bly en­coun­tered pleas­ant roses with pleas­ing ap­pear­ance in the gar­dens. Nev­er­the­less, it is not widely known that roses, from which var­i­ous del­i­ca­cies such as jams, rose wa­ter, sweets and other prod­ucts are pre­pared, can be a good source of in­come thanks to the aro­matic and healthy oil that is ex­tracted from them.

Over the past two years, the ar­eas of rose cul­ti­va­tion have in­creased in dif­fer­ent re­gions of Azer­bai­jan, es­pe­cially in Za­gatala and Balakan. Even dur­ing the Soviet times, these re­gions were fa­mous for flo­ral fra­grance pro­duc­tion.

The Rose Lu­bri­cant Pro­duc­tion Plant of AzRose LLC, which is un­der con­struc­tion in the down-town Tala vil­lage, will be­gin its pro­duc­tion next year. Based on the rec­om­men­da­tions of ex­perts in­vited from Tur­key and Bul­garia in Oc­to­ber-Novem­ber last year to meet the de­mand for raw ma­te­ri­als of the en­ter­prise, flow­er­ing plants of “Da­m­as­cus rose” (82 hectares) and “La­vanda” rose (25 hectares) were es­tab­lished in the Lower Tala vil­lage of the re­gion.

More than 10 hectares of La­vanda rose plant in this area have al­ready be­gun to func­tion and flower plant­ing has al­ready been com­pleted. In the next few days, the con­struc­tion of the Da­m­as­cus Flower Plant will be­gin in the ad­di­tional 68 hectares.

The agron­o­mist of the en­ter­prise Metin Sok­men, a spe­cial­ist from Tur­key, said that the next year, the plant is plan­ning to col­lect 100 tons of rose petals from the “Da­m­as­cus Ros­al­ium” bushes planted last year. From these petals pro­duc­tion of 30-35 liters of rose oil is pro­jected.

In ad­di­tion, ten tons of rose petals are ex­pected to be har­vested from the Laven­der rose plant es­tab­lished last year, from which some 200 liters of rose­wa­ter are planned to be pro­duced. Rose oils pro­duced at the en­ter­prise will be ex­ported to for­eign mar­kets un­der the name "AzRose".

It is worth men­tion­ing that in 2016, the price of 1 liter of rose oil in the world mar­ket was $12,000$14,000, and the price of one liter of “Laven­der” oil was $118-$153.

Rose oil is widely used in var­i­ous per­fumery, de­ter­gents, house­hold and food in­dus­tries.

The an­nual pro­duc­tion of ten es­sen­tial oils the most ex­pen­sive of which is the rose oil world­wide is over 100,000 tons.

It should be noted that about three tons of rose oil is pro­duced in the world, 50 per­cent of which is man­u­fac­tured in Tur­key, 40 per­cent is in Bul­garia and 10 per­cent in other coun­tries.

Some 125 liters of rose oil, to be pro­duced in Azer­bai­jani com­pany AzRose at the first stage, will make up 5 per­cent of world pro­duc­tion.

The com­pany's prod­ucts will be ex­ported to the world mar­ket in 2018. In the fu­ture, the pro­duc­tion of es­sen­tial oils of other plant species will also be pos­si­ble.

There was a time when Azer­bai­jan could have lo­cally sourced its own flow­ers. Dur­ing the Soviet era, the repub­lic was a ma­jor flower pro­ducer and the lead­ing supplier of flow­ers to Rus­sia.

To­day, though, Azer­bai­jan’s flori­cul­ture in­dus­try has shrunk to a frac­tion of its for­mer size. The coun­try’s main ex­port mar­kets are Ge­or­gia and Rus­sia, and last year it earned a mere $13,700 on the ex­port of 42,000 cut roses to Ge­or­gia, and $13,400 on the ex­port of 268,000 car­na­tions to Rus­sia.

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