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Scene 1: Pro­logue The Clus­ters of light We travel across Ara­bia and back in time to Mecca prior to the birth of the Prophet.

Scene 2: Mecca The poet cel­e­brates the beauty of pre Is­lam Mecca.

Scene 3: Jahiliya We wit­ness the de­file­ment of the Holy Kaaba through the in­stil­la­tion of idols and false Gods.

Scene 4: The Year of the Ele­phant One of a num­ber of mir­a­cles herald­ing the birth of the Prophet, Al­lah sends an army of birds to de­stroy the Ethopian Army who seek to de­stroy the Kaaba.

Scene 5: The Birth of the Prophet A light shines across the uni­verse as Prophet Mo­hammed is born.

Scene 6: Rev­e­la­tion While in prayer in the Al-hira cave, the Prophet Mo­hammed is vis­ited by the An­gel Gabriel. He ac­cepts his destiny as the Mes­sen­ger of God and re­ceives the Iqra Su­rat as the first Qur’anic rev­e­la­tion.

Scene 7: Isra and Meeraj Fol­low­ing his rev­e­la­tion, in a sin­gle mo­ment, the prophet mirac­u­lously trav­els from Mecca to Jerusalem, and then out through the cos­mos to the heav­ens.

Scene 8: Per­se­cu­tion Chal­leng­ing the power and laws of those who ruled Mecca, the first fol­low­ers of Is­lam be­come per­se­cuted for their faith. Scene 9: The Mi­gra­tion The faith­ful leave Mecca and travel across the desert to Medina

Scene 10: The Hi­jra The prophet Mo­hammed, with his com­pan­ion Abu Bakir, trav­els to join his dis­ci­ples. Al­lah’s in­ter­ven­tion saves him where a spi­der web across the mouth of the Cave, fools the Qureish sol­diers who seek to cap­ture him.

Scene 11: Medina The crowd wel­comes the Prophet to Medina, where a Cho­sen camel picks the place to build the first mosque. The former slave Bi­lal, chants the first call to prayer.

Scene 12: The Bat­tle of Badr Forced to take up arms to de­fend their fam­i­lies and prop­erty, The faith­ful Mus­lims bat­tle with the Qureish army at Badr. Bi­lal re­minds the army of The Prophet’s strict in­struc­tions gov­ern­ing their be­hav­iour on the bat­tle­field, re­flected in the com­pas­sion they show in vic­tory.

Scene 13: Re­turn to Mecca Fol­low­ing a se­ries of bat­tles, the Mus­lim Army and faith­ful tri­umphantly re-en­ter Mecca, where Bi­lal climbs the Kaaba and re­cites the call to prayer

Scene 14: The Death of the Prophet Fol­low­ing a recita­tion of the prophet’s fi­nal pub­lic speech, the peo­ple grieve his pass­ing away.

Scene 15: Fi­nale – Clus­ters of Light The poet cel­e­brates the light that en­tered the world, and the words of The Prophet, which have spread out across the globe.

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