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One Let­ter as A Warn­ing

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Nissan has un­veiled strik­ing print ads that high­light the dan­gers of tex­ting and driv­ing.

Cre­ated by Y&R Puerto Rico, the cam­paign fea­tures ev­i­dence bags con­tain­ing charred, bruised and bloody al­pha­bet letters ac­com­pa­nied by a copy that states, “It only takes one let­ter. Don’t text and drive.”

On a dif­fer­ent yet sim­i­lar note, Suzuki uses a softer ap­proach with a cam­paign de­vel­oped by FCB global that speaks for it­self with re­solv­ing to strik­ing graph­ics. The vis­ual sim­ply warns driv­ers not to text while driv­ing with bold let­ter­ing and a graphic op­ti­cal il­lu­sion with a tagline that reads: “Text or Drive.”

The pur­pose of the cam­paigns is not to ad­ver­tise a prod­uct, but in­stead to get a very se­ri­ous and im­por­tant mes­sage across to view­ers - to not text and drive. Nissan does this very well in this print ad by try­ing to warn and scare driv­ers of the pos­si­ble con­se­quences of tex­ting whilst driv­ing. On the other hand, Suzuki’s softer ap­proach is vis­ually ar­rest­ing and works well on OOH media. It is also a mem­o­rable one although it doesn’t play on­the emo­tions.

De­spite not advertising their prod­ucts, both brands do ben­e­fit from their cam­paigns, as they get their brand names out there and al­low view­ers to de­velop an opin­ion of the brands for them­selves. The hope for both brands is that view­ers recog­nise that the com­pa­nies are con­cerned about the safety of their cus­tomers and not just about mak­ing sales.

The idea of us­ing a let­ter in an ev­i­dence bag cov­ered in blood is a grue­some yet ef­fec­tive way of ex­em­pli­fy­ing how even just tex­ting one let­ter could be the cause of death if be­hind the wheel. While Suzuki’s con­cept of us­ing letters as a mark point on the road is also a cre­atively-clear and pow­er­ful mes­sage, graph­i­cally speak­ing.

Which of the cam­paign is more ef­fec­tive-the soft or shock ef­fect tech­nique- re­mains to be seen…

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