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Re­search by Face­book sug­gests “hehe,” “haha,” and emoji have killed the once pop­u­lar three lit­tle letters known as LOL and mean­ing laugh­ing out loud. In­deed, a new Face­book re­port finds that only 1.9 per­cent of us are Lol-ers. And the ma­jor­ity of those peo­ple are among an older group of Face­book users. What’s killing “LOL” is our pref­er­ence for “haha”s “hehe”s, and emoji. The re­port re­veals that more than half of Face­book users ex­press laugh­ter with a “haha,” 13 per­cent pre­fer “hehe,” and a whop­ping third of users don’t even use words: For younger users, a smi­ley face says it all. So why is a short­hand that was so pop­u­lar that it made its way into the Ox­ford English Dic­tionary on the verge of ex­tinc­tion? One rea­son might be be­cause it has an am­bigu­ous mean­ing. When a friend texts you a sim­ple “LOL,” she could be ac­tu­ally laugh­ing, ex­press­ing sar­casm, or just be­ing dis­mis­sive, wrote psy­chol­o­gist Mar­cia Eck­erd at Psy­chol­ogy To­day.

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