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Un­der­stand­ing con­sumer be­hav­iour has long been the chal­lenge of mar­keters, and in re­cent years, new mar­ket­ing dis­ci­plines, many tech­no­log­i­cal in scope, have been in­tro­duced in an ef­fort to de­code the nu­ances of what makes buy­ers buy. The chal­lenge to mar­keters has been in gain­ing a firm grasp on how to ef­fec­tively ap­ply these prac­tices to make more sales and in­crease mar­ket share. The Mar­ket­ing Science book se­ries was writ­ten with mar­ket­ing stu­dents and prac­ti­tion­ers in mind. Penned by in­dus­try ex­perts and lu­mi­nar­ies, each vol­ume is writ­ten from a busi­ness per­spec­tive, rather than tak­ing an aca­demic or sci­en­tific ap­proach. Each book presents ev­ery day mar­ket­ing chal­lenges, and demon­strates step by step how to ap­ply the right mix of an­a­lyt­ics, for­mu­las and sci­en­tific tech­niques to un­cover new learn­ing re­lated to con­sumer be­hav­iour and propen­sity to buy. Com­pre­hen­sive case stud­ies and il­lus­tra­tions give stu­dents ex­am­ples of real-world ap­pli­ca­tions of the tools and tech­niques they must master to be suc­cess­ful, whether they per­form the work them­selves or com­mis­sion ex­ter­nal re­searchers for new stud­ies. The se­ries con­sists of four ti­tles cov­er­ing four an­a­lyt­i­cal ar­eas of mar­ket­ing prac­tice. Mar­ket­ing new-com­ers as well as ex­pe­ri­enced pro­fes­sion­als will dis­cover new tech­niques and in­sights when they read the Mar­ket­ing Science se­ries, and will reach for these vol­umes again and again.

De­cod­ing the Ir­ra­tional Con­sumer: How to Com­mis­sion, Run and Gen­er­ate In­sights from Neu­ro­science Re­search by Dar­ren Bridger helps mar­ket­ing prac­ti­tion­ers lever­age neu­ro­mar­ket­ing, a rel­a­tively new field of mar­ket­ing re­search used to un­der­stand con­sumer re­sponse to var­i­ous mar­ket­ing stim­uli.

Geode­mo­graph­ics for Mar­keters: Us­ing Lo­ca­tion Anal­y­sis for Re­search and Mar­ket­ing by Barry Leven­thal demon­strates how to im­ple­ment this ef­fec­tive re­search tool to iden­tify lo­ca­tion-based seg­ments for highly tar­geted mar­ket­ing.

Prac­ti­cal Text An­a­lyt­ics: In­ter­pret­ing Text and Un­struc­tured Data for Busi­ness In­tel­li­gence by Steven Struhl of­fers real-world guid­ance on the ef­fec­tive ap­pli­ca­tion of text an­a­lyt­ics to track cus­tomer opin­ion in the Dig­i­tal Age.

Mar­ket­ing An­a­lyt­ics: A Prac­ti­cal Guide to Real Mar­ket­ing Science by Mike Grigsby ex­plores how sta­tis­tics, an­a­lyt­ics and mod­el­ing can be used to in­crease the ef­fec­tive­ness of ev­ery day mar­ket­ing ac­tiv­i­ties.

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