On the tech­ni­cal front...


Nikon or Canon, other?

I'm us­ing a full frame Nikon D3x and a medium for­mat Has­sel­blad 503cw with Phase One P40+ dig­i­tal back.

Favourite lens?

Has­sel­blad 50mm f4 FLE Zeiss Distagon CFI.

Favourite pho­to­graphic ac­ces­sory other than your cam­era?

My light me­ter, Sekonic L-758DR.

Favourite com­puter/ edit­ing ac­ces­sory other than your com­puter?

My light me­ter, Sekonic L-758DR.

What is your most used Pho­to­shop tool, plug-in, ac­tion set etc.?

Clone tool, heal­ing tool and se­lec­tion tools.

Are you a Mac or PC lover?


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