Ad­ver­tis­ing is More Ex­cit­ing than It Has Ever Been

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The changes in the industry are def­i­nitely in­ter­est­ing, chal­leng­ing and scary to a lot of peo­ple. I per­son­ally think ad­ver­tis­ing is more ex­cit­ing than it has ever been. What we are able to do to­day and how we are able to com­mu­ni­cate with our con­sumers is mind-blow­ing and this means the industry re­quires a com­pletely new kind of agency model.

That is why we run République like a start-up. We pro­vide our team with all the tools pos­si­ble and see what they can come up with - lit­er­ally ask­ing them to spend time ex­per­i­ment­ing with film, an­i­ma­tion, code and games. It’s all about cre­at­ing en­gag­ing con­tent that our con­sumer can in­ter­act with. We don’t be­lieve in hard sell. If peo­ple like your brand, they will spend time with it; but if they feel that you’re con­stantly try­ing to sell them some­thing, they will sim­ply look the other way.

In or­der to stay ahead, République of­fers ser­vices that would’ve usu­ally been out­sourced. We de­velop all con­tent in­house be­cause news and com­mu­ni­ca­tion to­day is fast paced and so should brand re­sponse be to this. We’ve also spent a lot of time mas­ter­ing our User Ex­pe­ri­ence/ User In­ter­face ca­pa­bil­i­ties. Again, most en­gage­ments are hap­pen­ing on­line to­day, which means we need to be able to cre­ate the most beau­ti­ful brand ex­pe­ri­ences, quickly, with­out ever look­ing out­side.

The big­gest chal­lenge we are fac­ing to­day is tal­ent. Tech­nol­ogy and trends are chang­ing faster than ever and uni­ver­si­ties aren’t able to keep up. I find the best tal­ent to be self-taught and un­for­tu­nately there’s not much out there. The mass ex­o­dus of tal­ent is still hap­pen­ing and the Le­banese brain drain is real, so it’s our duty as an industry to give the youth hope that Le­banon is still an ex­cit­ing place to work and grow.

Tech­nol­ogy and trends are chang­ing faster than ever and uni­ver­si­ties aren’t able

to keep up.

Fadi Mroué Republique Founder

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