Find the rel­e­vant truth. Be­lieve in your­self. Stay up all night. Live ev­ery day as if it’s your rst day. Scare your client. Find in­spi­ra­tion every­where. Stand for some­thing. Keep learn­ing. Get shit done. Don’t say yes if you mean no. Treat peo­ple as friends not as cus­tomers. Trust your gut. Adapt fast. Don’t re­spect the sta­tus quo. Dee the prob­lem cor­rectly. Break the rules. Put a dent in the uni­verse. Never, ever give up. Don’t con­fuse tech­nol­ogy with an idea. Make peo­ple care. Risk every­thing all the time. Tear away the un­re­lated. Hire bet­ter peo­ple than your­self. Cre­ate ence not likes or views. Don’t look at dig­i­tal as me­dia. Be a master of per­sua­sion. Sell prod­ucts not your­self. Kick ass. Don’t ask re­search to get an idea. Bring the dead facts to life. Have fun. Be pas­sion­ate. Don’t sell your soul. En­joy the pain. Don’t do ads that look like ads. Find the gap. Ask the right ques­tions. Pu­rify your mind. Walk the talk. Imag­ine. In­spire. Ice. DOYLE DANE BERN­BACH.

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