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A month ago, an out­door cam­paign rolled out for a week with a se­ries of vi­su­als in­tro­duced first as teasers stat­ing that The Mak­ers are the ones who "travel the world", "grow their tal­ent", "get things for free", "are never alone" and "are up to date". The cam­paign sparked in­ter­est and cu­rios­ity by cap­tur­ing the ‘spirit of youth and re­bel­lion’ leav­ing ev­ery­one won­der­ing who those mak­ers are. A week later, the re­veal cam­paign got plas­tered all over town pro­mot­ing the new ac­count By­b­los Bank is of­fer­ing to the youth aged 18-24.

In par­al­lel, a 90-sec­ond TVC ran on lo­cal chan­nels to spread the word even far­ther. The cam­paign has emo­tion, a good mu­sic score by Le­banese band Lumi, as well as a pow­er­ful and clever copy nar­rated by a res­o­nant voice over cou­pled with beau­ti­ful film mak­ing el­e­ments that of­ten go into a win­ning com­mer­cial.

In­ter­ested in learn­ing more, Arabad asked FP7 Beirut, the agency be­hind this cam­paign about the thought and strat­egy used.

"The ex­er­cise was chal­leng­ing, given the fact that a lot of brands and prod­ucts were al­ready speak­ing and tar­get­ing this age group. Rather than promis­ing them a world full of magic, we wanted to tell them that they were the magic our coun­try needed," ex­plained the cre­ative team.

Truth is, for Le­banese youth, it’s harder to achieve their goals and dreams and even harder to achieve their in­de­pen­dence and free­dom…. all in all it was harder for them to “build” who they are. How­ever, one thing the agency was clear on is that Le­banese youth are sick of be­ing told what to do, what to say and how to say it. "We re­ally wanted to get on their good side by po­si­tion­ing “By­b­los Bank” as the cool un­cle or aunt who have al­ways given us the ex­tra free­dom be­cause they be­lieve we’re re­spon­si­ble enough to know what to do with it."

Sum­ming all this up, the ob­vi­ous thing for the agency was to cre­ate a pledge. Their pledge told by those who are go­ing to make a dif­fer­ence. Those who are not afraid to move for­ward. Those who in or­der for them to cre­ate a new world, had to first cre­ate them­selves.

"We started shoot­ing in late July and went into post­pro­duc­tion in Au­gust, which is when the Beirut up­ris­ing started. We were afraid that we would be thought of as, rid­ing the wave, but to our sur­prise, peo­ple and youth in par­tic­u­lar, ap­pre­ci­ated the cam­paign and the true mes­sages it holds," FP7 team as­serted.

All in all, this feel-good spot, which was orig­i­nally cre­ated to tar­get teens man­aged to score high with other de­mo­graphic groups as com­ments on so­cial me­dia plat­forms showed, which goes to prove how well it was crafted.

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