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How would you de­scribe the evo­lu­tion of your blog?

It’s a strange thing ac­tu­ally. I launched the blog as soon as I went on the in­ter­net. I wasn’t on the in­ter­net at all be­fore 2009, and then I sud­denly I cre­ated a Face­book page, a web­site, a twit­ter ac­count, pretty much the whole pack­age, all at the same time. But the blog wasn’t given that much im­por­tance at the time so I would sim­ply pub­lish a few ar­ti­cles ev­ery now and then. Things took a much more se­ri­ous turn a cou­ple of years ago with the ad­vent of ISIS and then the Char­lie Hebdo in­ci­dent and now the civil move­ment, so th­ese three events one af­ter the other played a huge role in the evo­lu­tion of the blog as I wrote ex­ten­sively about each of them and this is what made the blog what it is to­day.

What makes your con­tent unique in your opin­ion?

I think what makes my con­tent unique would be my opin­ions. It’s not a gen­eral blog that talks about every­thing and any­thing as you may have no­ticed, al­though I re­spect th­ese types of blogs and I en­joy read­ing them reg­u­larly. My blog is more of me shar­ing my view­point about cur­rent events in the world and I think this is what makes it unique. Be­ing a car­toon­ist, I am also try­ing to give it a mag­a­zine feel. So some­times you have car­toons, other times you have ar­ti­cles or even se­ries anal­y­sis of sit­u­a­tions and events, which makes the posts very di­ver­si­fied.

What mo­ti­vates you to keep go­ing with your blog­ging af­ter all this time?

Ob­vi­ously I’m not happy with the way things are go­ing and even­tu­ally some­one has to say some­thing. I know many oth­ers are do­ing so as well, but I just can­not re­main idle and pas­sive with re­gard to what’s go­ing on in the world and not do any­thing about it. It’s not me, it’s not who I am.

If you were to pick just one word to rep­re­sent your blog, what would it be?

My blog is me. And just as I can­not de­scribe my­self in one word, I can­not de­scribe my blog in one word.

What are your fu­ture plans for the blog?

I ac­tu­ally had a plan but it was some­what hin­dered af­ter the eco­nomic sit­u­a­tion slowed down. I wanted at some point to turn the blog into an on­line mag­a­zine, with other car­toon­ists and co­me­di­ans in­volved. I kind of wanted to cre­ate a mag­a­zine and be the editor of this mag­a­zine. I would surely keep on writ­ing but I also wanted to give a voice to oth­ers and turn the blog into an on­line hub for cre­ative ex­change. We have amaz­ing car­toon­ists that no one pub­lishes and some great writ­ers as well. I got quite am­bi­tious and planned to have it in three lan­guages but ob­vi­ously this would cost a lot of money so for the time be­ing I will be fo­cus­ing on writ­ing more ar­ti­cles.

‘My Beirut Chron­i­cles’ fea­tures Le­banese writer, di­rec­tor and car­toon­ist Claude El Khal’s take on cur­rent world events, though both words and il­lus­tra­tions.

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