When Tomorrow Comes


“If you know the enemy and know your­self, you need not fear the re­sult of a hun­dred bat­tles. If you know your­self but not the enemy, for ev­ery vic­tory gained you will also suf­fer a de­feat. If you know nei­ther the enemy nor your­self, you will suc­cumb in ev­ery bat­tle.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The quote above clearly il­lus­trates three dif­fer­ent sit­u­a­tions by a renowned and high-rank­ing Chi­nese mil­i­tary gen­eral, strate­gist and tac­ti­cian who il­lus­trated be­wil­der­ing insight into ‘op­po­si­tion’ based on a lengthy ca­reer on the battlefield.

Most, if not all politi­cians have read, or at least, heard of the au­thor and use some of the tac­tics of­fered in his book to achieve their goals. How­ever, the strate­gies im­parted are noth­ing more than a step­ping stone to the out­comes as there is much more to be learned by read­ing be­tween the lines.

If we were to briefly ex­am­ine the first case, it would be fair to con­clude that this does not ap­ply as we have lost sight of the enemy long ago by turn­ing against our own selves.

The sec­ond sce­nario proves equally prob­lem­atic as the ‘enemy’ oc­ca­sion­ally changes based on tem­po­rary in­ter­ests and al­liances by those in power.

The fi­nal sup­po­si­tion, in all like­li­hood, is the most fit­ting con­sid­er­ing that those in power have al­ready sold them­selves and by do­ing so, re­lin­quished the in­ter­ests of the masses over whom they rule.

As a re­sult, ev­ery bat­tle waged has proven to be a los­ing one ce­mented by the fact that the sit­u­a­tion never changes, and if it does, it be­comes worse.

The good news is that there re­mains lit­tle to be had and by the time all of it is con­sumed, at­ten­tion is most likely to turn else­where as the peo­ple unite in their ef­fort to com­mence the re­build­ing process.

Till then, we will con­tinue to cel­e­brate in­de­pen­dence and free­dom as ideals, in hope that th­ese give rise to in­di­vis­i­ble unity.

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