How would you de­scribe your de­sign style?


I don’t re­strict my­self to one style but what I enjoy work­ing on most are wooden ma­te­ri­als and tri­an­gu­lar shapes with sharp edges.

Could you tell us a lit­tle bit about your de­sign process?

I start sketch­ing us­ing a pen­cil and pa­per be­fore go­ing to the pro­gramme it­self be­cause I first need to see the shape.

How would you say life in Cairo has in­flu­enced your work?

Cairo is a very artis­tic city that has many ran­dom and in­spir­ing el­e­ments be they shapes or ideas born from purely re­al­is­tic sit­u­a­tions or scenes.

Do you have a favourite piece in your port­fo­lio? What was the idea be­hind the de­sign?

Sprite kiosk is my favourite. The idea be­hind it was the prod­uct’s edge, which is the lemon taste. I love its sim­plic­ity, how fun it looks and how direct it is.

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