They need a voice, one that cries: “foul play”


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It’s a Thurs­day evening, it’s rain­ing and we’re on the way home. We need ce­re­als, cheese, yo­ghurt, and a whole list of things. The lit­tle boy on the back seat has just fin­ished his Take­wondo class and is full of adrenaline, he’s ev­ery mother’s night­mare.

Park­ing at the su­per­mar­ket is congested, the rain is pour­ing, the car be­hind is beep­ing (as usual), and gen­eral chaos en­sues. Even­tu­ally we get into the su­per­mar­ket and we have two trol­leys, a smaller one for the boy, and one for the gen­eral shop­ping. Ca­reen­ing down the aisles the lit­tle boy spots the ce­re­als and lets out a shriek. Grab­bing the box of Nes­tle Lion he has a sud­den un­quench­able en­thu­si­asm for a ce­real that he has never heard of be­fore. Mom tries to ex­tract the box from his hands and re­turn it to the shelf, but the lit­tle boy is not hav­ing any of it. The rea­son? There’s a pic­ture of a Star Wars Stormtrooper on the box and next to it the words Free Dig­i­tal Comics. And the back of the box is a comic strip about Star Wars. Nearby is a Kel­logg’s Frosties box, and there printed boldly it says “Free Bowl”. And a bat­tle en­sues be­tween Mom and son over which ce­real box they will get. Child­like per­sis­tence, ac­com­pa­nied by tears (fake prob­a­bly) and an im­pend­ing melt­down lead to both boxes of ce­re­als end­ing up in the shop­ping carts.

So far, this is an ad­ver­tis­ers de­light. The mar­ket­ing guys have suc­ceeded in their noble task of pro­mot­ing prod­ucts to their tar­get au­di­ence. And so far our tar­get au­di­ence is re­ally ex­cited about his pur­chase.

Ar­riv­ing home and get­ting into the kitchen is all hard work. Then the bat­tle be­gins again over ce­re­als. The lit­tle boy wants to get the free stuff out of the boxes and ‘play’ with them. Now.

Calamity! There is noth­ing in the box!

Floods of tears. A very an­gry and un­happy boy said, “Mommy, why do they lie? I feel mad. Sad. An­gry”. And that is a real quote.

When you read the back of the back of the box there is a com­plex pro­ce­dure.

Frosties first: 1. Buy three pro­mo­tional boxes with

the code in­side. 2. Go on­line and en­ter the three codes 3. Pay £2/ 2 (There’s a lot of profit in this price con­sid­er­ing that a sim­i­lar dish on Alibaba costs just £0.30) 4. Choose bowl 5. They will de­liver - in up to 90 days

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