UAE res­i­dents’ Sen­ti­ments about the Fu­ture Ex­plored

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One of the fac­tors con­tribut­ing to the UAE’S de­vel­op­ment is its open­ness to change. In or­der to as­sess how much change we are ac­tu­ally wit­ness­ing in the UAE’S pop­u­la­tion, OMD has com­pleted an in­sight­ful re­search ini­tia­tive called ‘The Fu­ture of the UAE’.

This re­cent sur­vey of UAE res­i­dents has found that ap­prox­i­mately 90% of UAE res­i­dents are op­ti­mistic about the fu­ture and be­lieve their lives will sig­nif­i­cantly im­prove in the next two years.

The re­search study con­ducted by OMD UAE aimed at ex­plor­ing the chang­ing con­sumer be­hav­iours and vi­sion about the fu­ture by delv­ing into Emi­ratis and ex­pa­tri­ates’ views on hap­pi­ness, life­styles, tech­nol­ogy, the en­vi­ron­ment, val­ues, na­tional iden­tity, fi­nan­cial pri­or­i­ties, health, work-life bal­ance, en­trepreneur­ship and pur­chas­ing de­ci­sion in­flu­encers.

Pre­sent­ing the top-line re­sults to an au­di­ence of mar­ket­ing and me­dia pro­fes­sion­als, OMD’S man­ag­ing di­rec­tor for UAE and Lower Gulf, opened the con­fer­ence by high­light­ing the im­por­tance of such re­search in a dy­namic and ever-chang­ing land­scape such as the UAE’S. “In a coun­try as dy­namic as the UAE, change is the only con­stant,” said Sa­mara. “Nav­i­gat­ing this con­sumer land­scape can be par­tic­u­larly chal­leng­ing when the pop­u­la­tion is so di­verse and evolves so fast. “The Fu­ture Of ” is a global re­search ini­tia­tive by OMD that we found to be re­mark­ably im­por­tant and rel­e­vant for the UAE mar­ket and com­par­ing the lo­cal find­ings with other mar­kets will prove par­tic­u­larly en­light­en­ing. Other re­gional mar­kets will be added soon.”

Fadi Mak­tabi, OMD'S head of strat­egy, re­vealed some of the find­ings, in­clud­ing the no­tion of “the UAE dream”, sim­i­lar to the Amer­i­can dream of the 1800s, and how the eco­nomic down­turn of the past few years has done lit­tle to dent the am­bi­tions and as­pi­ra­tions of UAE res­i­dents. While some do strug­gle fi­nan­cially, par­tic­u­larly in terms of debt, more than two thirds of the 2,000 re­spon­dents still an­tic­i­pate they will spend ei­ther as much as more or more than to­day in the com­ing years. Tech­no­log­i­cal devices and lux­ury goods will be in high de­mand, as 55% of Emi­ratis and Westerners have put them high on their shop­ping lists.

Nadim Sa­mara,

Farah Moum­neh,

OMD’S as­so­ciate di­rec­tor – plan­ning, fo­cused on the value dy­nam­ics of UAE res­i­dents – such as fam­ily val­ues and their strug­gles with work-life bal­ance in pur­suit of the UAE dream. She also

Fu­ture of the UAE panel

dis­cussed how brands can lev­er­age th­ese find­ings to bet­ter con­nect with their con­sumers in the fu­ture.

The event also in­cluded a panel of Emi­rati and ex­pa­tri­ate com­men­ta­tors, in­clud­ing Trevor Mcfarlane, founder of Emerg­ing Mar­kets In­tel­li­gence and Re­search; Khalid Al Ameri, so­cial colum­nist for The Gulf To­day, mo­ti­va­tional speaker and youth coach; James Piecowye, Dubai Eye's chief con­ver­sa­tion­al­ist on Night­line; Mo­hamed Al Awadi, co-founder of We­press, award-win­ning Emi­rati film­maker and en­tre­pre­neur. The de­bate was mod­er­ated by TV pre­sen­ter Nouredlin Al Yusuf. The can­did con­ver­sa­tion de­vel­oped some of the top­ics emerg­ing from the find­ings, in­clud­ing na­tional iden­tity, hap­pi­ness, work-life bal­ance and work­ing moth­ers.

“It was a very nice sur­prise to hear that peo­ple are here for the long­haul,” said dur­ing the panel dis­cus­sion. “The UAE is at the cross­roads be­tween the East and West, with the best minds meet­ing here. If you are a per­son who knows how to add value, then the UAE has a lot of op­por­tu­ni­ties for you. How­ever, I do think there is still room for im­prove­ment to en­sure that the tal­ented peo­ple who come here want to stay on rather than move on.”

Khalid Al Ameri,

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