New Hope for Out­door Me­dia

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Fu­ture of Out­door Q1 Rev­enues Tech Adop­tion The Hur­dles

It is known that this me­dia is the least af­fected by the mar­ket’s re­gres­sion, es­pe­cially in Lebanon. It is be­lieved that out­door, specif­i­cally 4X3 pan­els, is a me­dia that sells and gives im­me­di­ate feed­back. The lo­cal clients like to see their prod­ucts dis­played on bill­boards and large for­mat, be­cause for them it is a mea­sur­able medium.

The year started on a slow note and Jan­uary rev­enues were av­er­age as ex­pected. Most clients did not set their bud­gets till mid or end of Fe­bru­ary but all in all it was not a bad start for a year that was ex­pected to be very dif­fi­cult and chal­leng­ing. Let us hope we will be able to main­tain the same through­out the year.

We have so many cre­ative tal­ents in Lebanon but are still shy on cre­ative dig­i­tal out­door ideas due to dif­fer­ent fac­tors, mainly bud­get cuts and some of the strict guide­lines im­posed in cer­tain re­gions. July/au­gust 2016

The de­crease in the pop­u­lar­ity of out­door me­dia is mainly due to clut­ter, not to men­tion the in­creas­ing use of dig­i­tal. The main is­sue we are facing is pric­ing. Due to bud­get cuts, dif­fer­ent me­dia are be­com­ing very com­pet­i­tive in light of last-minute deals, which are sur­pass­ing planned bud­gets and yearly deals. The clients are try­ing to ben­e­fit from this fact and most book­ings are made at the last minute.

The resur­gence of out­door me­dia is com­mon dur­ing elec­tions as that me­dia has the high­est reach and is the most cost ef­fec­tive in such cases com­pared to print and TV. The tar­get is the masses and dig­i­tal is not a se­ri­ous com­peti­tor. Again I wouldn’t say rules were cer­tainly bro­ken dur­ing elec­toral pe­riod, but they were def­i­nitely changed. Ev­ery sup­plier tried to make the most out of this pe­riod driv­ing higher de­mand. For that rea­son, we had to find a way to ac­com­mo­date as best we can.

The Mer­its for Po­lit­i­cal Cam­paign­ing Reach vs. Im­pact

Dig­i­tal me­dia can­not re­place out­door or any other tra­di­tional medium but it cer­tainly af­fected some more than oth­ers. You also can­not re­place an out­door cam­paign with a so­cial me­dia cam­paign, as they can com­ple­ment each other. The real es­tate sec­tor is the one that was most af­fected driv­ing many clients to shift their bud­gets com­pletely to dig­i­tal. How­ever, we wit­nessed a strong come back to tra­di­tional me­dia for the same brands af­ter­word. Though dig­i­tal is more mea­sur­able than out­door, nonethe­less, the for­mer does not al­ways match the in­crease in sales. In other words, it all de­pends on the client’s needs and ob­jec­tives.

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