For Part­ner and CEO Group Part­ner­ship, the cre­ative side of the busi­ness is as ro­bust as ever. None­the­less, the busi­ness sen­ti­ments con­tinue to be a chal­lenge. In the fol­low­ing in­ter­view, he de­tails the na­ture of th­ese chal­lenges, while he goes on re­veali

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Most ad­ver­tis­ing in the re­gion still misses a soul, stronger in­sights, and good craft.

might be­hind it. The ‘Dubai fac­tor’ seems to at­tract the best ta­lent on both sides of the table. This of­ten leads to a sit­u­a­tion where there is both a ‘seller’ and ‘buyer’ that see life from the same lens hence lead­ing to the magic of some out­stand­ing cre­ativ­ity.

Why do most of the award-win­ning cam­paigns in the re­gion come out of Dubai? Like with any other sec­tor, the com­mu­ni­ca­tions in­dus­try also at­tracts the best ta­lent from around the globe into Dubai hence you see a lot of good work come out of the coun­try. Hav­ing said that both Egypt and Le­banon also pro­duce work that com­petes re­ally well at both re­gional and an in­ter­na­tional level.

How would you de­scribe Dubai’s ad­ver­tis­ing scene and what is still miss­ing?

Am­bi­tious, dar­ing and loud. How­ever, most ad­ver­tis­ing in the re­gion still misses a soul, stronger in­sights and good craft. Cal­cu­lated cre­ative ten­sion and dis­rup­tion is what will keep us in the game.

With Dubai be­ing a widely di­verse land­scape of peo­ple and cul­tures, is there an ef­fort to craft ad cam­paigns within a cer­tain frame­work for the widest ap­peal?

Di­ver­sity has both ad­van­tages and dis­ad­van­tages. A lot of brands that have mass ap­peal have that fac­tor at play in their cam­paign. Some are cre­ated lo­cally and oth­ers are adap­ta­tions of cam­paigns de­vel­oped glob­ally. That is not to say that ad­ver­tis­ing for mass brands can­not be cre­ative.

What are the great­est chal­lenges fac­ing ad cre­atives to­day?

The sup­ply of a ‘ro­bust tal­ents pool’ con­tin­ues to be a chal­lenge and brands ‘play­ing safe’ in this en­vi­ron­ment is an­other bump to in­no­va­tion.

Are there any trends in Dubai’s ad­ver­tis­ing scene that you specif­i­cally dis­like?

The com­mu­ni­ca­tion mar­ket is largely a tac­ti­cal driven mar­ket hence we tend to move from one pro­ject to an­other. It would be great to see brands tell en­gag­ing brand sto­ries thereby rais­ing the over­all brand ‘pull’ fac­tor as op­posed to the ‘push’ fac­tor.

Do you find it pro­fes­sion­ally re­ward­ing and per­son­ally in­ter­est­ing to be lo­cated in Dubai?

I have been here since 1992. And it has been a re­ward­ing 24 years both per­son­ally and pro­fes­sion­ally. Where else would you get the di­ver­sity and the ‘can do’ spirit that helps us all to keep mov­ing? Like many oth­ers, I came here by chance and stayed. Af­ter 24 years, all I can say is I could have not had a bet­ter city to call home.

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