Hal­loween: Pump(kin) up the vol­ume!


Hal­loween is the new­est ad­di­tion to the fes­tiv­i­ties that en­gulf Le­banon and which is im­ported from else­where. No mat­ter what, when Le­banese em­brace some­thing, they plunge in head first.

ad­ver­tis­ing agency caught the Arabo-english by as­so­ci­at­ing Hal­loween with 'hel­ween' or beau­ti­ful. Their ideas are 'Hal­loween' in­deed, but were they scary enough for the #vil­lain­son­theroof or how Leo Burnett hash­taged their roof party?

an­other ad­ver­tis­ing agency ini­ti­ated a Bran­dam­age move­ment for their clients - or the "psy­cho­log­i­cal dis­or­der of be­ing pos­sessed by brands caus­ing chronic brain dam­age".

played it with its iconic front grid, which dou­bles as logo all carved into a pump­kin nat­u­rally.

- the fruit juice brand changed the or­ange into... you guessed it! A pump­kin too!

had gone play­ful, do­ing its own "where is Waldo?" hid­ing the bot­tle in­side spooky il­lus­tra­tions and ask­ing peo­ple to find it and screen shoot it to par­tic­i­pate.

went for "let us play it as it ought to be," a good re­minder of their slo­gan "let us play it mix"; and the visual was vam­pire-ish with nuts (al­mond shaped) pro­trud­ing from the fig­ure. A good "mix" (no pun) be­tween visual and line - with­out be­ing too scary for any­one!

Even in­serted it­self in the event car­ing for your chil­dren's clothes whether they trick or treat.

If you saw then do not say "cheese!" for they played on "Fright and cheese" with their dish scream­ing back at you.

As for wine, "the last drop is the big­gest scare you'll ever get"; so you bet­ter re­fill your stock be­fore mid­night, be­cause it seems pump­kins will turn into car­riages af­ter that!

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