Wake me up when Oc­to­ber ends


Oc­to­ber is here and with it the Breast Can­cer Aware­ness Month - the rest of the can­cers will have to take a back­seat - so much that there was a cam­paign, which said "I wish I had breast can­cer", be­cause the rest of the can­cer types are sim­ply not hyped enough to get re­search fund­ing.

But I am di­gress­ing. So the "cre­ative" tricks are the usual: use a pink rib­bon some­where in the visual, the pink colour of course and/or ag­glom­er­ate two ob­jects, which when put to­gether im­ply breasts but do not show them - we do ABC - can­cer aware­ness Bey BQ not want to of­fend any­one, right?

Rare it is for a brand to be able to in­sert it­self in the topic of the day, or rather of the month, but dig­i­tal shop

man­ages to speak dig­i­tal by say­ing "can­cer sends no no­ti­fi­ca­tion" - smart, dig­i­tal friendly, and to­tally in their field of busi­ness. What's there not to?

Nat­u­rally, one can go from the to­tally ob­scene - mall with two hang­ers in the place of breasts and even worse with bar­be­cue grill top boo­bies-shaped-- which, po­litely,

Wet­paint ABC BEYBQ

Al Baba one can call an in­sult to all women - to more mod­er­ate op­tions such as with two cream shaped cook­ies (they do sweets af­ter all), to the to­tally funky such as agency-- which got rid of the pink and kept play­ing cool with what has be­come the cor­po­rate fruit-to the other funky in­stal­la­tion worth a men­tion by the in Le­banon with their in­cred­i­ble pink open um­brel­las on their win­dows, to the bland op­tions - you name it and it is there.

Of course when the Min­istry of Health raises breast can­cer aware­ness,

Cle­men­tine Al Baba Min­istry of Health

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