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Joao Ca­ma­cho cre­ative di­rec­tor, Tonic In­ter­na­tional, Dubai, speaks of a mis­sion in­her­ent to the role of a cre­ative di­rec­tor.

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Joao Ca­ma­cho: Fu­ture Cre­ative Lead­er­ship

Stun­ningly ef­fec­tive cre­ative is the cen­tre stage of a cre­ative di­rec­tor’s life. But we have an­other role that’s as im­por­tant as our prime pur­pose which we can’t dis­re­gard.

At ev­ery mo­ment, one brief at a time (some­times even two or three), we are also shap­ing the cre­ative lead­ers of to­mor­row. The gen­er­a­tion that will carry the torch; the gen­er­a­tion that learns from our best – and dis­re­gards our worst, mis­takes.

This daily re­spon­si­bil­ity to our teams is as great as that which we have for our clients. We need to nur­ture them, re­spect their ideas, listen to them, guide them, in­spire them through the dark­ness when blank­ness strikes, and bring them back to earth when they lose touch with re­al­ity.

But most im­por­tantly, the most valu­able les­son is to al­low them to take risks and own­er­ship of their work.

We are not rais­ing sheep – we are rais­ing lead­ers, trend­set­ters and hu­mans, ca­pa­ble of great cre­ative achieve­ments.

We honour great tal­ent by guid­ing them, not to fol­low in our foot­steps, but to cre­ate their own paths, by mak­ing mis­takes, mak­ing choices, tak­ing chances, and de­vel­op­ing their own style.

We are not rais­ing sheep – we are rais­ing lead­ers, trend­set­ters and hu­mans...

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