Cre­ative Cul­ture


Branded Kisses

Hot, Pas­sion­ate, sur­pris­ing, un­ex­pected, mem­o­rable… Who did it best? Not who kissed best! That we wouldn't know; but which brand used the kiss best in its com­mu­ni­ca­tion? Ahead of Valen­tine day, Joe la Pompe shares--in no par­tic­u­lar or­der-- his top 10 favourite ads fea­tur­ing a kiss of love. Swedish Rail, A smarter way to travel Year: 2011 | Agency: King ad­ver­tis­ing agency Stock­holm | Coun­try: Swe­den Ray Ban, Never Hide Year: 2012 | Agency: Mar­cel Paris | Coun­try: France Benet­ton, United Col­ors of Benet­ton sup­ports the Un­hate Foun­da­tion Year: 2012 | Agency: Fabrica / 72and­sunny | Coun­try: The Nether­lands / Italy Suchard - Rocher Choco­late, You've got to wipe your hands some­where af­ter a Rocher Suchard Year: 2001 | Agency: Young & Ru­bi­cam Paris | Coun­try: France

Livrarias Cu­ritiba (Books – comics - movies), Valen­tine's day gifts. We put to­gether all kind of love Year: 2015 | Agency: Candy Shop |Coun­try: Brazil Diesel, Be Stupid Year: 2010 | Agency: Anom­aly Lon­don | Coun­try: UK Hubba Bubba Chewing Gum, For blow­ers Year: 2007 | Agency: BBDO Syd­ney |Coun­try: Australia Zim col­ored pow­der, Love is col­or­ful Year: 2015 | Agency: Tuppi, Sal­vador |Coun­try: Brazil

Smint Mints, No smint, no kiss Each time the bus doors close, the sweet-breathed cou­ple come to­gether for a kiss. Year: 2001 | Agency: Tan­dem Camp­many Guasch DDB, Barcelona | Coun­try: Spain

Gil­lette Fu­sion Shaver, No fu­sion, no kiss Year: 2008 | Agency: BBDO | Coun­try: Ger­many

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