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One of the Mid­dle East’s most pow­er­ful pro­duc­tion houses, Third Eye FX, a tech­no­log­i­cal leader in its field, has joined forces with Stiller Stu­dios in Stock­holm, one of the world's most ad­vanced VFX stu­dios, thereby adding an arse­nal of high-per­form­ing tools that is sec­ond to none. Arabad talked to CEO Dory Aoun to learn how this match will af­fect the work com­ing out of the MENA re­gion.

The re­cent part­ner­ship of Third eye FX with Stiller Stu­dios will now al­low the use of cin­e­matic film­ing tech­niques pre­vi­ously un­avail­able. Why is this so im­por­tant?

We, for the past ten years, have set many in­dus­try firsts. This, in part, is due to the tech­nolo­gies we em­ploy, such as the MILO Mo­tion Con­trol sys­tem and hogh speed cam­eras. As a re­sult, we man­aged to be part of sev­eral Hol­ly­wood movies, in­clud­ing the six Os­car win­ner movie The Hurt Locker. The re­cent al­liance with Stiller Stu­dios in Stock­holm, one of the most tech­ni­cally ad­vanced VFX stu­dios in the world, has al­lowed us to add an arse­nal of cut­ting-edge tools such as the Bolt, the Cy­clops, an 8K cam­era and one of the best in­dus­try ex­perts in the busi­ness.

This tech­nol­ogy will raise pro­duc­tion qual­ity and lower over­head. Won’t this be viewed, by pro­duc­tion com­pa­nies still us­ing older tech­nolo­gies, as a threat in terms of profit gen­er­ated?

You said it! (smile)!

What kind of added value does this tech­nol­ogy of­fer brands, es­pe­cially those op­er­at­ing in the Mid­dle East and in­dus­try? what im­pact will it have on the re­gional pro­duc­tion and me­dia

This will al­low the cre­ative to ex­tend their ideas and meet Hol­ly­wood stan­dards. Even for the small­est pro­duc­tions, as pack shots, food shots... We can use out tools, the Milo Mo­tion Con­trol and the High Speed Cam­era to shoot very spe­cific set­ups there­fore rais­ing their value. We also have the ad­van­tage of re­duc­ing pro­duc­tion costs while de­liv­er­ing much higher qual­ity work at lower, if not highly-com­pet­i­tive bud­gets.

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