Tra­di­tion­ally, the ul­ti­mate goal of mar­ket­ing has been to cre­ate cam­paigns that con­vince con­sumers to buy prod­ucts. How­ever, in re­cent years, there's been a more mod­i­fied, bur­geon­ing aim for mar­keters that's fu­el­ing sev­eral of to­day's most no­table cam­paigns: hav­ing a pur­pose. That's a 5th 'P' that is be­ing added to the four 'P's all mar­keters are fa­mil­iar with. In to­day's mar­ket­ing land­scape pur­pose-driven is now the sta­tus quo. Yet, ev­ery com­pany that wants to survive needs to walk the walk.

At the end of the day, we all know that ad­ver­tis­ers ex­ist to sell us stuff. And ad­ver­tis­ers know that too. But what they have also learned is that in a world awash with hype and hy­per­bole, sub­stance sells. There­fore, mar­ket­ing cam­paigns that cham­pion a so­cial is­sue are be­com­ing com­mon­place. And peo­ple are happy with the idea of brands align­ing them­selves with a so­cial is­sue – just as long as they are mak­ing a gen­uine pos­i­tive con­tri­bu­tion. So it was no sur­prise to find a grow­ing body of pur­pose-driven ad­ver­tis­ing cam­paigns-- also known as 'Goodvertising'-- in the spotlight at the Cannes Li­ons Fes­ti­val, tak­ing cen­tre stage, scoop­ing a great deal of awards. How­ever, in the goodvertising space, one fun­da­men­tal ques­tion re­mains unan­swered. Does goodvertising come from a po­si­tion of gen­uine good, or a po­si­tion of self-ad­vance­ment for a brand? In this is­sue, we dis­cuss how ad peo­ple, brands and mar­keters can progress with so­cial good ad­ver­tis­ing in an hon­est and for­ward-think­ing ap­proach.

And ev­ery­one seems to agree: no one likes brands that preach. There's too much wishy-washy, do goody stuff out there, where com­pa­nies try to ap­pear like char­i­ties. But mar­keters to­day are called to an even higher ob­jec­tive: words must fol­low ac­tions.

Ad­ver­tis­ing that is con­ducive to the planet and to hu­man­ity is good ad­ver­tis­ing. Ad­ver­tis­ing that is cre­ative and in­tel­li­gent is good ad­ver­tis­ing. In the end, both these as­pects should be brought to­gether.

Bot­tom line, don't just do good ad­ver­tis­ing, do good. It is sure to ben­e­fit both so­ci­ety and the brand.

Last but not least, here is a quote worth re­mem­ber­ing. Ac­cord­ing to Father of Ad­ver­tis­ing" David Ogilvy, his con­tem­po­rary, Howard Gos­sage, said: "Ad­ver­tis­ing jus­ti­fies its ex­is­tence when used in the pub­lic in­ter­est-it is much too pow­er­ful a tool to use solely for com­mer­cial purposes."

As long as ev­ery­one is clear, then brands em­brac­ing so­cial is­sues is no bad thing.

Cover De­sign by Samer Chamaa – AUST

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