25 things that hap­pen when you get “old” in the ad­ver­tis­ing busi­ness

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1.You’re fast. 2. You’ve got a bag of tricks that you go to. 3. You find your­self amazed at how much you’ve learned

when you see how lit­tle the young peo­ple know. 4. You know it’s not about you. It’s re­ally about your client

hav­ing suc­cess that you played a part in. 5. You care less and less and less and less about

award shows. 6. You think about teach­ing. 7. You fi­nally stop bitch­ing about your clients. 8. You drink much bet­ter wine. More of­ten. 9. The type you ap­prove starts get­ting big­ger and big­ger. 10. 80 hour work weeks seem re­ally stupid. 11. Fewer things sur­prise you. 12. You swear less. See #8. 13. Loy­alty rules over all. 14. You no longer feel the need to chase ev­ery­thing. 15. You’re com­fort­able with the fact that com­pro­mise

is just gonna hap­pen. 16. Fri­days start to be­come part of your week­end. 17. You find ways to “let it go.” 18. You say “let’s look at that” more of­ten. 19. Your go-to peo­ple are price­less.

So are your go-to ven­dors. 20. You’re happy that the mes­sage, not the de­liv­ery

method, is still king. 21. You don’t panic. 22. You don’t crit­i­cize other peo­ple’s work. 23. You can sum up 25 things in 23 lines.

By Ernie Perich

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