Cannes Li­ons: the awarded pur­pose-driven cam­paigns made in the Mid­dle East

Among the16 Li­ons awards won this year at Cannes Fes­ti­val, the ma­jor­ity were cause-re­lated mar­ket­ing cam­paigns, which de­serve to be high­lighted again.

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Y&R Dubai

‘One Book for Peace’ gath­ers teach­ings from the holy books of the Bi­ble and the Qu­ran, com­par­a­tively show­ing how sim­i­lar mes­sages from each are. By show­ing re­sem­blance be­tween the two, the pur­pose of the book is to bring to life in­ter-religious di­a­logue and dis­cus­sion among or­di­nary peo­ple. The book rep­re­sents 10 verses from the Bi­ble and 10 verses of the Qu­ran, on ten univer­sal top­ics, close to all peo­ple in the world. Gold Lion - De­sign / Books Sil­ver Lion - Promo & Ac­ti­va­tion / Pub­lic Sec­tor Bronze Lion - Print & Pub­lish­ing / Art Di­rec­tion Bronze Lion - PR / Pub­lic Af­fairs & Lob­by­ing Bronze Lion - Ra­dio / Branded Con­tent & Pro­gram­ming

Leo Bur­nett Beirut

5 li­ons (3 Sil­ver + 2 Bronze) all for the #UN­DRESS522 cam­paign for Abaad mak­ing it the most awarded MENA cam­paign at Cannes Li­ons 2017. (See page 30) DDB Dubai

In Egypt, women make up only 23% of the work­force. To highlight this in­jus­tice, DDB Dubai cre­ated a print cam­paign for UN Women Egypt, ti­tled “Find­ing Her”. In three ads, the read­ers were chal­lenged to find the woman in tech­nol­ogy, pol­i­tics, and sci­ence, three up-and-com­ing in­dus­tries in Egypt.

The main mes­sage be­hind the cam­paign is to shed light on the im­por­tance of equal op­por­tu­ni­ties for Egyp­tian women to par­tic­i­pate in the la­bor force and con­trib­ute to the de­vel­op­ment of the Egyp­tian so­ci­ety. Bronze Lion - De­sign / Posters

Im­pact BBDO Dubai

Most awarded MENA agency this year at Cannes with 6 Li­ons; 2 Li­ons (1 Sil­ver and 1Bronze) went for Sy­dlexia’s cam­paign ‘Mak­ing Sense of Dys­lexia’.

Those who suf­fer from Dys­lexia can strug­gle to read the sim­plest of words. Sy­dlexia wanted to gen­er­ate aware­ness about a dis­or­der that is lit­tle known.

Dyslex­ics peo­ple find it eas­ier to grasp words when taught us­ing meth­ods driven by vi­su­als, tac­tile and spa­tial stim­u­la­tion. To demon­strate the chal­lenges dys­lexia im­poses, posters were de­signed us­ing bro­ken words. Peo­ple needed to fold the posters to make sense of it. Sil­ver Lion - De­sign / Posters Bronze Lion Cam­paign - Health & Well­ness / Brand-led Ed­u­ca­tion & Aware­ness

Memac Ogilvy Dubai

4 li­ons in to­tal at Cannes, 3 of them in­clud­ing a cov­eted In­no­va­tions Lion went for CIP ‘Pota­toes on Mars’.

Famine af­fects 780 mil­lion peo­ple glob­ally and cli­mate change is mak­ing food se­cu­rity and mal­nu­tri­tion worse. Yet pota­toes have the abil­ity to solve mi­cronu­tri­ent de­fi­cien­cies and save lives. The In­ter­na­tional Potato Cen­ter (CIP) in Peru wanted to prove that pota­toes are a su­per crop that hold the key to re­vers­ing world hunger and sav­ing mil­lions of lives thanks to their high yields, nu­tri­tional value and abil­ity to grow any­where. So they briefed Memac Ogilvy to prove the po­ten­tial of pota­toes. The agency came up with an idea that was out of this world – to grow them on Mars. They ap­proached NASA and UTEC sci­en­tists who then de­signed and built an in­no­va­tive Cube­sat, a her­met­i­cally sealed de­vice with a range of mon­i­tor­ing sen­sors that repli­cate con­di­tions on Mars. And the “su­per potato” was planted and sealed in­side it, in the most in­hos­pitable Mars like con­di­tions. Peo­ple around the world were able to watch the live feed from cam­eras in­side the Cube­sat and waited to see if the new va­ri­ety would grow.

The mis­sion made his­tory. A new or­ganic va­ri­ety of potato, called “Unique,” was de­vel­oped that now leads the way in cli­mate-re­sis­tant crops. This has proved that pota­toes can grow in places on Earth that no­body thought pos­si­ble, which will help save mil­lions of lives here on Earth. Now, the new potato is be­ing de­ployed in cli­mate cri­sis ar­eas in Bangladesh. Gold Lion - Health & Well­ness / Pro-bono Led Ed­u­ca­tion & Aware­ness Sil­ver Lion - In­no­va­tion / Ap­plied In­no­va­tion Sil­ver Lion - PR / Use of Tech­nol­ogy

The Clas­sic Part­ner­ship dubai

3 Li­ons (1 Sil­ver + 2 Bronze) for Med­care Hos­pi­tals’s ‘Foot­note for the Breast’ cam­paign.

To raise aware­ness about the im­per­a­tive of breast cancer early de­tec­tion, peb­bles stamped with a sim­ple mes­sage were placed in the shoes of women who went to mosques or prayer halls. When they re­turned and put on their shoes, the “lump” could be felt im­me­di­ately and the mes­sage seen. The in­stant re­ac­tion should ideally be the same when a lump is dis­cov­ered on the breast. Med­care’s Toll Free num­ber was also stamped on the peb­ble. The Call Cen­tre Op­er­a­tors were briefed to sched­ule a free-of-cost con­sul­ta­tion ap­point­ment for those who en­quired.

By dis­creetly com­mu­ni­cat­ing to lo­cal and Arab women on a sub­ject that is taboo in their cul­ture through the use of a unique yet cost ef­fec­tive method in a very un­ex­pected venue, the im­pact and reach to the tar­geted au­di­ence was sig­nif­i­cant. Sil­ver Lion - Promo & Ac­ti­va­tion / Use of Am­bi­ent Media: Small Scale Bronze Lion - Health & Well­ness / Brand-led Ed­u­ca­tion & Aware­ness Bronze Lion - Di­rect / Use of Am­bi­ent Media: Small Scale

Grey dubai One Bronze Lion for Tathqeef’s ‘Veils of Pride’ (Fa­tima | Mouza | Shaikha).

Tathqeef, a train­ing and con­tin­u­ing ed­u­ca­tion med­i­cal cen­ter com­mis­sioned Grey UAE to cre­ate a cam­paign that fo­cuses on the veil. To shed light on the mat­ter and per­haps even ex­press a stance, eight women in se­nior man­age­rial po­si­tions were elected to speak their minds by ex­press­ing what the veil they wear means to them.

Aside from post­ing their re­sponses in videos, Artist Ma­her Abu Al Has­san used the def­i­ni­tions these women gave and trans­formed them into one-of-a-kind se­ries of posters writ­ten in Ara­bic cal­lig­ra­phy that mimic the shape of their veil.

The cam­paign, veil­sof­, also fea­tured an in­ter­ac­tive veil poster gen­er­a­tor, which trans­forms any given words writ­ten by vis­i­tors to the site, into cal­lig­ra­phy. Yet what is most strik­ing is the prin­ci­pal mes­sage be­hind the cam­paign it­self. The thoughts and ideas ex­pressed by all eight women con­sti­tutes a power state­ment that calls for all peo­ple to look past the veil by fo­cus­ing on achieve­ment rather than form.

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