‘Cow dis­pute’ led to trans­fer of po­lice chief

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IS­LAM­ABAD: Fed­eral Min­is­ter Azam Swati’s son has patched up with a poor fam­ily, which was beaten by his guards and booked by the Is­lam­abad po­lice, also re­sult­ing in the trans­fer of the Is­lam­abad po­lice chief.

The Supreme Court, how­ever, sus­pended the trans­fer or­ders and asked the In­spec­tor Gen­eral of Po­lice (IGP) Jan Muham­mad to con­tinue.

It will take up the mat­ter on Wed­nes­day and its de­ci­sion on the rec­on­cil­i­a­tion will be then known.

In fact, a cow be­came the cen­tre of at­ten­tion in the in­ci­dent. The tres­pass­ing cow, which is locked up for last three days in Swati’s farm­house is only a symp­tom of the ight be­tween a well-con­nected en­croacher and poor en­croach­ers of the prime government land in the fed­eral cap­i­tal.

The land where the cow is de­tained is il­le­gally en­croached upon by the min­is­ter. To­tal en­croach­ment by the min­is­ter amounts to sev­eral kanals al­though he ad­mits to only 5 to 6 kanals. How­ever, he wants the poor en­croach­ers from the tribal areas to va­cate the land in his neigh­bour­hood that be­longs to the Cap­i­tal De­vel­op­ment Author­ity (CDA).

The min­is­ter’s son, Us­man, has lodged an FIR with the Cap­i­tal Po­lice that a cow owned by his neigh­bour Niaz Muham­mad had tres­passed into his fruit gar­den and de­stroyed trees on Fri­day.

The FIR says Niaz and his fam­ily mem­bers in­clud­ing his 12-year-old son Zi­aud­din tor­tured his em­ploy­ees when the mat­ter was taken up with them. The Cap­i­tal Po­lice has ar­rested the per­son named in the FIR.

S wat icon fessed that he has en­croached “5 to 6 kanals” of CDA land. He also ad­mit­ted that il­le­gally oc­cu­pied land has also been fenced by him.

“Ac­tu­ally I have al­ready asked CDA to al­lo­cate that 5 to 6 kanals of land ad­ja­cent to my farm­house,” he said, adding that the land has al­ready been fenced to “en­sure se­cu­rity of the farm­house.”

“I have fenced that land as the back gate of my farm­house opens in that land. I own 46 kanals of land as part of Farm House.”

A CDA spokesman said the ex­tra land fenced by the min­is­ter is en­croach­ment on the CDA area as it was not ap­proved by the CDA.

“The de­ci­sion to al­lo­cate ex­tra land for the farm­house is taken by the CDA Board. With­out the CDA ap­proval no farm owner is al­lowed to fence and oc­cupy CDA land.”

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