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MANY BAR­BA­DI­ANS are so very un­aware of the signs in the sky that God is giv­ing us.

Ge­n­e­sis 1:14 states: “And God said, let there be lights in the vault of the sky to sep­a­rate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sa­cred times, and days and years.”

Ac­cord­ing to the Word of God, the only sign to the world (that is, peo­ple who don’t have a re­la­tion­ship with God), would be the sign of Jonah.

Ac­cord­ing to his­tory, dur­ing Jonah’s time, there was a to­tal so­lar eclipse over the na­tion of Is­rael, Turkey and all across Nin­eveh. This is the sign of Jonah; a sign to the world of judg­ment on the earth.

God sent Jonah to Nin­eveh to warn the peo­ple of com­ing judg­ment. Jonah could not care less if the peo­ple per­ished be­cause they were very wicked. Yet God loved them and didn’t want them to per­ish, so he sent Jonah to warn them.

To­tal so­lar eclipse

How­ever re­luc­tant, he preached to them and told them what was com­ing. The peo­ple prayed and fasted and more im­por­tantly, they re­pented. God was so moved by their ac­tions that He re­lented and did not bring the de­struc­tion He had threat­ened.

On Au­gust 21, 2017, the sign of Jonah ap­peared in the sky – the to­tal so­lar eclipse. God is speak­ing; He’s try­ing to get our at­ten­tion. Judge­ment is in­evitable un­less we re­pent and cry out to God.

Wake up, peo­ple of Bar­ba­dos. Wake up, sleep­ing church.

Judg­ment is com­ing. The fur­ther away from God we get, the worse Bar­ba­dos will get. It’s time to re­claim Bar­ba­dos for Je­sus.

On Septem­ber 23, an­other sign will ap­pear in the sky. Please read Rev­e­la­tion 12:1-5.

This great sign has not hap­pened be­fore. The con­stel­la­tion will be in per­fect align­ment all at the same time. The king planet Jupiter en­ters the womb sec­tion bor­ders of Virgo (vir­gin) and stays in there for 42 weeks, which is a nor­mal preg­nancy.

Rod of iron

When it comes into align­ment, it ex­its the birthing canal, thus bring­ing forth a man child who is to rule all na­tions with a rod of iron, and her child was caught up unto God and unto his throne.

This event sig­nals the be­gin­ning of the tribu­la­tion and the anti-christ sys­tem.

Peo­ple of Bar­ba­dos, I tell you, it’s time to seek God’s face. The end of all things is very near. Please ask God to come into your hearts and He will. He will for­give you and he will heal our land.

Now to all you Chris­tians: you have power and au­thor­ity to push back the forces of evil. Ex­er­cise your au­thor­ity; it’s in your mouth; it’s in your prayers. Wake up, re­pent, cry out to God for mercy on this land, lest we all per­ish.

CHRISTO­PHER BEST, mas­sag­ing the foot of a tourist, is one of the voices against the signs. TH­ESE SIGNS have sparked the ire of beach ven­dors and wa­ter­sports op­er­a­tors. (Pic­tures by Nigel Browne.)

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